NEW 2019 BMW 530i 62K MSRP - $300 Monthly with $1500 DAS, 7 MSDs - TEXAS

I agree, I have been trying for 20% all week and have been literally slapped in the face all week as well😁. 20% on this car is truly fantastic✔️

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Awesome discount, tried to replicate locally and no dealer can come close.

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Awesome deal! The award for the best negotiator goes to you!!

Definitely is a fantastic deal. I’m paying the same amount as a dealer on a slightly higher MSRP car. They also are correct. Once a car goes into loaner status it is no longer a “new” vehicle even if it hasn’t been driven yet. So they’d be more inclined to do a different car.

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Thanks for the note Brian. Great to know that I can have the same rate as dealer :smile:

Sounds like you just scored a CEL and you didn’t have to work there :slight_smile:

How’s this even possible? Pretty amazing deal!

But I’d rather drive car (fill in the blank, sub $30k MSRP) because it has Android auto and the payment is $350(Accord LX)

Awesome deal, congrats!


I know …I hear people paying that for a Toyota Corolla and here there is a $50000+ BMW leasing at under $350 a month. How does BMW say sure here is a $62k car for the price of a Kia???

I have never priced up a BMW but a friend of mine has a lease that’s up in December and I’m going to see if I can get these numbers, 20% off MSRP? I mean does BMW know something we don’t know about the economic situation moving forward, are they leasing these cars just to get them out on the road before the recession comes along and car sales grind to a halt???


Messaged you all the dealer info. Good luck!

Sorry I’m late to the party! Fantastically awesome deal! If you don’t mind, can you please PM the dealer info as well? I’m not interested in the 5 series but maybe they’re willing to deal on some of their other models. My daughter lives in Dallas so a road trip might be in order. Thanks!

To all asking for dealer info: Please don’t be surprised if you strike out asking for 20% off a new car out of the blue. It typically takes a fair amount of research and lots of finesse to get these kinds of deals.

You are absolutely correct! I got a lot of no and judgement look before they finally say yes to everything I asked for. Almost everything :wink:

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Momentum mini is the one where I got my $135 a month loaded cooper s, maybe miracles do happen

This is a great deal. May I know the dealer name as well. Thank you.

In Houston!? Where?

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PMed the dealer info. Good luck!

Sick deal man and enjoy the car

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Youll have more luck on a loaner, new cars the max threshold i have seen is 10% sometimes crazier dependent on FS support and model of BMW.