Need help with Jaguar F-Pace in NNJ

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I live in Northern New Jersey and the lease on my 2019 Mercedes Benz C300 coupe ends mid October. Originally I was looking at MB GLC300 Coupe, but looks like inventory is low and they’re still going way above MSRP. My second choice was the Jaguar F-Pace, but one of the higher lines P400 or SVR.

The car itself only has 11k miles out of the total 36k miles allotted. It’s white, has red leather interior, the night package and black rims. It’s a beautiful car, but not meeting my needs now that I have a son and need more room.

So I usually reach out to this one sales manager at one of Mercedes Benz dealers here in NNJ who is able to work up decent deals for me, however this time he more or less was discouraging me not to buy from Mercedes at this time due the the programs and availability driving the price point past anything I find palatable

One thing that I have going for me is my coupe is worth more than the payoff. The payoff is $34,079.93 and its worth approx. $40k so if I use the car as a trade-in essentially I have an extra ~$5000 to put down assuming I buy the car.

Having said all that, here I am putting it out there to Hackrs to see what the deal is and if there is any hope for me. I not only wanted to upgrade to an SUV, but was looking for something with a bigger engine. I really wanted to be done with 4 cylinder turbo and move on to something with a little more power.

I like 2021 Jaguar F-Pace P400 or SVR if I can get a decent deal on it. I’m currently paying $565 per month on my current so I’d like to keep it around that if possible with only taxes and fees up front, but I’m willing to go $100 - $200 higher more per month if I can get the model I really want. I’m looking at 36 months for 10k miles per year.

So what are my options ? Out of state? What’s a realistic lease payment? Should I buy out my current lease on '19 C300 coupe and wait it out?

I’ve seen some folks pulling off some decent deals posted here and here. I would jump on something like this if it was available.

I would appreciate any and all recommendations here.

Thanks in advance!!

Check if your payoff includes tax. You’ll also be waiting a month to receive title.

Don’t waste your time on the jag. Extend the benz as long as you can.

I’m looking at the lease agreement paperwork on the C300 and it says the purchase option at end of lease term is 29559.75 so I believe the 34k figure includes taxes, but I’m not sure. Would you recommend extending the lease or buy it out?

I’m curious why you think getting into a Jag would be a waste of time.

b/c what you’re looking for will easily be quoted over $1k/month lol

Is that because of lack of inventory. Are folks able to pull off the deals listed here and here because it was before all these shortages and other issues?

no because those are 5 and 7 months ago, respectively.

29559 wouldnt equate to a 34 payoff. you’re mixing stuff up.

When did you check that?

Like @aronchi said, that wouldn’t come to 34k in payoff.

I emailed a sales mgr. at MB in May who provided this information. I imagine I have to call MB Financial to get the full quote now.

Point 1 - don’t involve dealership unless required by state or MBFS.

Point 2 - in may it would have included unpaid lease payments that would explain the remaining 2-3k in diff.

Or just log into the online account


You’re absolutely right lol. 32,241.80 is the payoff amount listed on the site. I have one payment left for the month of October and then figuring in NJ sales tax, plus $150 processing fee listed on the lease agreement, it comes out to about that.


If I were you,

I would start working a deal for a specific car you want, find out the terms, availability etc within this month you have.

if you find a deal that you are willing to sign for a new car, sign it.

If the car is available right away then,start the buyout process ASAP & sell it to the highest bidder. (time is not on your side here. Willing to accept lower buyout as time passes)

If the car is not available right now then, extend the MB lease & do the step above when ready.

Or just keep extending the lease as long as you can if you dont want to buy out etc. & dont find a deal you want.


This is sound advice. Thank you! I was told my car is worth more than the payoff. This might be a dumb question, but could I use the leased car as a trade-in right now or I have to buy it out first then trade it into the dealer? Right now trying to work on a deal for Range Rover Velar or Jaguar F-pace.

this. (someone will correct me if i am wrong but ) MB doesnt allow 3rd party buyouts.


So you’re saying I would be able to take advantage of the higher value of the car if I used it as a trade-in and be able to put towards the difference getting into an new Benz? But, the fact that it’s a third party dealer in this case I would have to buy it out and then trade it in to reap the benefits?

Correct. The only parties MBFS will allow to buy your lease are you and a MB dealer.

Depends on the dealer’s willingness to work with you.

Remember, when you involve a dealer, the dealer does not have to pay you the market price, they can simply take the car (at the buyout price) & sell it at the higher to capture the profit.

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MSRP+ and MSRP+, fully marked up MF… if you get a MSRP deal - that’s a deal. If it’s below MSRP, that’s a steal. If they’re giving u buy rate and below MSRP, just take it lol (if you must have it)

Ask him if he wants to buy your car over payoff. You can work on a Jag deal separately.


Those deals were 6 months old with 10% Chase discounts applied that they no longer accept. Read every other thread here, you won’t get a 70-100k vehicle for $600 a month, unless you put 20k down.

I just sold my GLA back to MB Flemington (central NJ). All of the salesmen were sitting outside on the park bench when I arrived, no customers on a Saturday. I’ve bought 3 or 4 cars from this dealership and they didn’t even try to sell me anything – because they knew I would not like the pricing.

Have you thought about getting into a Tesla given no sales tax in NJ?