March 2020 VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals

In their Infinite Wisdom Volkswagen has decided to extend the February programs for 1 more day.

Subaru on the other hand has hit the ground running and the new Programs are out. I put a Forester, Crosstrek and and Outback on the spreadsheet to get things going.

See the new deals here: MARCH 2020: VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals

The VW Deals will get updated tomorrow when the new Programs come out.

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Breaking News. VW Reversed Course, and the Programs for March are out! I got Jetta, Atlas, and Tiguan up on the sheet to get things going, and the list will grow as the month goes on.

See the deals here: March 2020 VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals.

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The e-Golf deals are as Hot as they have been in a while. Get into a 39K+ MSRP vehicle for just Drive Offs down, and $322 a month plus tax. I have 5 left. They are all fully loaded SEL Premiums.

See them on the spreadsheet here: March 2020 VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals.

I also have 1 base GTI S Manual left, and that is up on the Spreadsheet as well.

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Any deals on Ascents?

how is a residual of 13k 52% of the msrp of 28k on the tiguan s? dealer addons?

I guess that the $225 per month is 2 high for you. No dealer ad ons and no dealer bullshit ever. I am at lunch and will check on that residual for you when I get back to the office.

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It has been corrected, there was a Typo on the MSRP, all other fields are correct including the Residual and monthly payment.

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not too high, it’s a great deal. Just trying to figure out if there are dealer add -ons, you just suck at math, or if it was a typo.

We don’t do dealer add ons, and what you see on the spreadsheet is exactly what you get when you show up. If it says $879 Drive Offs, that is the total out of pocket that you will pay. Come and get one.

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How much more per month would a 2019 Jetta SEL be?

I like how you respond with a snarky comment before checking to see if your spreadsheet was correct. Solid strategy.


I like how I get accused of Dealer add on’s instead of just getting asked if the numbers are correct…


Hi, can you provide me with lease and finance options for an Atlas SE w/ tech?

I only have this vehicle in a 4 cyl, Will that work?

Price on a forester limited and a outback onyx edition xt?

What the price for Subaru Limited and Ascent LImited. 10k, length of lease dependents on best offer. Subaru loyalty customer,

@rubbergash - Do you have any hot deal on Tiguan SEL? If not now, will they be available anytime this month? Please suggest if you prefer a call.

Did you get Cross sport pricing yet ?

We prefer to get the V6. Will you have any available soon? Can you send me the pricing for the 4 cyl. And I’ll think about it?