Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

That’s a valid point, but 515 miles of range in a shrinking segment better than 450 in a growth segment??? I don’t get it.

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Timing looks like we were still high in exuberance, and you tried to catch a falling knife. Either cut your losses (pun intended, best time to do that was 12/31) or ride it out.

Standard reminder that we still have not heard the sound of steel-hitting-floor.

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To be fair, I was feeling like I was in a gambling mood for a little bit last year, so I bought very small positions in incredibly speculative things just to see what would happen. Things like carvana, rivian, and a few other things. I believe I only spent something like $1000 on each ( so that’s not to say I don’t care if they go to zero, but it’s not a huge deal).

The same goes for SPDN and SQQQ… I did those just for fun to dabble in leveraged inverse funds, and obviously those have worked out OK so far… but again, I only have very small positions in them.

Range was the defining characteristic of an EV when Lucid first announced their vehicle. But I agree…they should switch their focus to SUVs ASAP.

The rest can be called speculation, or spreading bets. Handing your wallet to a mugger, wearing a ski mask, running from 5 people yelling “stop! Police! Thief!” — isn’t speculation. Tax-loss harvesting, perhaps.

I had enough of that already!

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I was actually pondering buying and selling the swings just for fun like a bunch of people were doing, but honestly, I just got lazy and let everything sit there to see what would happen :slight_smile:

They are planning to release their first SUV in 2024.

The lease terms are so bad that even with the 7500 credit advertised, it does not make sense. If they want to move units they really need to subsidize either the MF or residual on top of this. I feel like the banks are very conservative with the residuals, as if they go bankrupt the cars would be worth peanuts

In our current QT fiscal environment it’s only matter of time before they get bought out or pull a plug.

All they are doing is using large battery packs, nothing revolutionary.

Someone should let the Saudis know sedan market is dying in the US.

Going by the amount of EQS models on my local Benz dealer lots. The future of the high end EV sedan market is not looking good.


I think the lease is a good idea, would make me more comfortable knowing that if they do go out of business at the end of the lease I can just return the car and not get stuck with something no one will buy. Now hopefully the base model I reserved has a decent lease.

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Benz is missing an opportunity to raise awareness by not putting some brass hats out there. If that doesn’t work, trunk money time.

True, but also the current upmarket products are not very attractive, especially in the looks department.

EQS SUV? R class brought back to life. i7? iX? About 80 years too futuristic. Model S/X? Almost identical exterior design since forever.

I wonder how some future upmarket products like EQG or Range Rover EV will do when/if they actually come out to the market.

I test drove one last week and was impressed. Felt worth what I’d be paying for a Pure (77k before credit 84 for the AWD). If I thought I could drive for a bit and get out of it without taking it on the chin I’d probably go for it but I’d rather make a “mistake” on something a little more fun.

Is there any auction data on these?

Only auction data is on the grand touring and it’s horrendous. Nothing on the pure since afaik they haven’t started delivering them yet

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I’m gonna get ahead of myself here and predict it will be pure garbage.


I agree. Unfortunately for Lucid (and for myself as an early reservation holder), selling $87k sedans is apparently a tough task nowadays even for established luxury nameplates (e.g. EQS, eG80, and maybe EQE sedan and i7). Things could have been different if Lucid started out with the Gravity (the SUV variant).


Mine looks like Q3 2023 delivery. Hopefully by then there will be a lot of incentives, and maybe even an error where they base the lease on the new MSRP for me to get a descent lease deal on it. I will not buy it unless during my cancellation they offered a further discount.