Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

so Lucid announced at the of the month they will be raising prices at the end of the next month,

they have not raised their prices since it has been announced and they have said you can order up until 5/30 and lock the price

only the air is $300 deposit the rest are $1000 fully refundable according to TOS

pricing + range below + $7500 federal rebate + whatever your state offers upon delivery

Air Grand Touring Performance $179,000 Did not change at all | 446 Estimated Range
Air Grand Touring $139,000 to $154,000 | 516 Estimated Range
Air Touring $95,000 to $107,400 | 406 Estimated Range
Air Pure $77,400 to $87,400 | 406 Estimated Range


What would the ETA be for an order today on an Air Pure?

How many people who can afford a 150K car need 400 miles of range? And want a sedan, not a SUV.

Here in CA, the only time you really need range is if you’re driving (from LA) to Vegas, Mammoth or SF/Napa.

Virtually everyone I know who has money flies, with the exception of Mammoth…but you probably want a 4wd SUV for that trip.

Honestly at their production rate…. a decade…


Reservation placed. For $300 refundable deposit seems like a good risk/reward.

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I agree,
I remember when the 21 model s was 69420 because this was announced

I believe some people got the new model s with the yoke for that price since they took forever to be released

As far as when you will see it
1-3 years? Maybe

I don’t think I heard of anyone getting a yoke car for less than $81,190 base price.

Saw it on fb few months ago
Someone didn’t want it afterall everyone kept telling him to flip it

Weird, once they rounded up and cleared out all the Raven generation cars without fulfilling all the lowest priced S/X were converted to refresh orders with a ~$10,000 bump.


man even getting it for 82k sounds SWEET if only if only

Order until 5/30, OP says 6/30. Putting one in today, no harm really. Sucks that the 20 inch rims don’t come with all seasons but still going with them, look way better than the 19’s

They locking in prices? Many of these evs have price increases and do not lock prices in.

fixed it sorry
i was looking at 2 different posts

@Nypharm and yes locking in prices im surprised we have not seen a price increase here even tho they are far out

If they use nickel or lithuim batteries the base will easily jump 5-10k before production starts. Might be worth looking into.

Are you being serious?
What’s the point of ordering this then? Would we even receive the current year model or older model?

I realized while building the car, no matter what option I choose for Lucid Air build, it always shows the same price. Is that a bug or should I expect the price to jump later on?

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Lock in the lower price, if you get lucky and get an early order with such low production from them you could potentially make money/drive for free

This + if they make changes to make the car even better

What’s $300 to risk @anique ?

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Half a grocery trip.

By time time it will be produced it will be 1/4 of that grocery trip.