List of Lenders that Allow for Third-Party Buyouts

Can someone confirm if they’ve successfully had USBank process a 3rd party payoff recently?

My situation is as follows:
Received a payoff quote of ~$65k for personal payoff (assuming car was resold in 10 days to avoid paying sales tax). My dealer pulled a payoff quote and received the same ~$65k number. Dealer paid off my car, and USBank is now telling me I owe $20k+ because I terminated my lease early and the dealer bought it out instead of me. Insanity…

I have a 2020 Toyota Tundra Platinum lease that matured on 5/1/23, but the registration expired on 2/27/23. It matured an additional 2 months, because of 2 Covid Deferred payments (and after 12 months of a lease extension after my 2-year lease agreement ended).

Because I was away and grieving a loss around the time the registration expired and recently got back, I was unable to sell it to a third party before then. I then attempted to get a temporary registration twice at the CT DMV, but was first told on 5/1 that I needed a Power of Attorney, and then today, with the POA, I was told I couldn’t be qualified because they only grant temporary registrations for emissions testing of which my vehicle didn’t need.

I originally planned to sell it to Carmax, but according to their website, they require a current, up-to-date registration.

I was also told a dealer could provide me with dealer plates to drive it to the dealer, but from my understanding, it can only be sold to a dealer after buying out the lease first?

Are there any third party buyers who don’t require registration and will come pick up the vehicle?

is it a lease or do you own it?

It’s a lease.

Try @Anthony_Lopez or Equity Hacker on the front page

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USBANK is run by Dick Dastardly. Have you talked to the dealer? It’s worth lawyering up for a lot less than 20k.

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I payoff all leases.

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Including stellantis financial?

yes we payoff stellantis

It probably will be worth it to just pay whatever late fees or other fees and renew for a year. Some states have a pretty big registration window. For example, I’m in Florida and my registration expires June 30, but I can renew it up until July 15th at midnight. It looks like you can request a prorated refund.

“If the vehicle/vessel is eligible for a refund, you will be given the option to request one during the online termination process. Checks will be mailed to you from the Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller.”

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Does anyone have a list of Ally certified dealers in Georgia. I read that only Ally certified dealers are able to buy your payout for the similar price your personal buyout is as I went to 2 dealerships 1 Alfa and 1 bmw and they said they were both told the higher payout option from Ally which is like $k over my own personal buyout . As I’m looking to het out of a new lease I got recently.

Maybe start here but I would verify from the dealer as I work with an Ally dealer a lot and they have had varying experiences on lease buyouts and usually have to push to get it without fees or adjustments.

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Most ally dealers here are only dodge, Alfa and jeep . I’d prefer to get back into a BMW as all my cars were previously but my dealer tried multiple times and ally wouldn’t budge on a stupid payoff amount that the dealer could go with . Only option is to go with a jeep rubicon but It’s honestly limit my first choice

Reach out to Anthony. He is awesome. Super quick responses and he can buy out your Ally lease at your Ally buyout. He is legit.


Does CCAP still allow 3rd party buyout? Had an Audi dealer tell me they couldn’t buy it out (it’s over 60 days out). Had no problem getting quotes from all the online sites listing it was a lease and CCAP. All my other quotes are cdjr dealers so don’t have any in person confirmation.

CCAP allows it, maybe the Audi dealer didn’t want it.

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This misinformation is common. If they really want it they’ll call when you’re there and confirm it’s possible.

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Ya haven’t shopped since pre Covid so wasn’t sure which lenders changed their policies. Seems weird that they wouldn’t want a loaded Ram when there’s like none available in our area but whatever lol

Probably not something they want on their lot unless you’re trading for a new Audi. loaded rams are also piling up new at dealers and getting heavy discounts. Unless it’s a trx there’s not a lot of demand.

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Does extending your lease a month extend the buyout period for CCAP still? The needs to be 64 days out rule. If you extend a month does it add 30 days where you can still sell to 3rd party.