Leasing Newbie - ID4 Offer @ $811/month acceptable?

Hi - I’m happy to have discovered this forum and hope you may be able to help out a leasing-newbie. We need a new car, want to go electric, and leasing makes sense for us because we only drive urban errands (<10k miles/year); we may move away after three years; our family may still grow; and EVs are evolving so fast, so we don’t want to fully commit to an early generation model. We are based in Maryland, just outside DC.

We are eying the ID4, however, the lease offer I got from the dealer seems… not great? For zero-down, all-fees rolled into monthly payments, 36 months, 10,000 miles, I got an offer of $811/month. If input the numbers in the calculator, I get a Leasehackr score of only 4.4 years. Another dealer in the area sent me an offer for around $750 for the same terms. Both offers seems high based on reading forum entries here and the score…

However, looking at the quote I was sent (reproduced below), I can’t spot what the unreasonable part is. Is the problem that the dealer is assuming too low a residual value i.e. making us pay too much of the car value in the first three years? Is this the argument I should make when trying to bargain? How much of a reduction is realistic when approaching a dealer? If other dealers in the area are pricing similarly, do I even have a chance or should just switch to another model?

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PS: I should add that if we purchased the ID-4 , we would not qualify for the federal tax credit due to our tax status i.e. likely pay full retail price plus tax at around $48,500

For this money you could easily just purchase a Model 3 or get a Model Y for a bit more. The residual for ID.4 is horrible - around 50% and that’s just ridiculous for leases.

Also, what’s the MSRP on the ID.4? Check the window sticker.


Hard pass IMO. MD lease taxes suck.


$800/month?? …yikes. Run away.

To put this into some perspective, you’d be paying nearly $29k to rent (what should be) a mid-$30k car for 3 years. Think about that, for a minute.


Thanks for the response. We don’t want to purchase for the reasons given above. The actual retail price we’d pay would likely be $48k because we can’t get the federal tax credit when buying.

If this offer is so bad, what’s the reason? @HersheySweet above seems to say MD lease taxes play a role but those would be the same for any model, right? Also, they explain only about $40/month…

Regarding the residual (@ilike2breakthngs) - is that better for other EVs or just generally much lower for EVs compared to gas/hybrids?

@ras815 Thanks for putting it in perspective… it does sound absurd when stated as paying 30k rent for three years for what “should be” a mid-30k car… then again, if we actually bought it, it would be a ~$48k car (as mentioned, we can’t get the federal tax credit and dealers don’t seem to give a lot of discounts currently)

I’ll avoid ID.4 … it’s too new, there won’t be any discount due to current market.


Yikes. They’re marking up the MF on this. You should be in the mid 600s on a zero down lease with MD taxes rolled in

I’d suggest the dealer in Sterling. They aren’t playing games on these

PM me if you want to discuss this in more detail


@rob123mark thanks… i think the feedback from everyone is pretty clear. thanks for pointing towards the MF mark-up as likely culprit.

I will try get an offer from the Sterling dealer as suggested.

check your PMs. I sent you some other local quotes

I’d purchase a Model Y and sell after 2-3 years. You’d recoup most of your money.


What is the msrp on this on the actual window sticker?


@mllcb42 the VW site says $44,495 for that model (pre federal tax credit); the dealer says 45,690 as per the above offer

What does the window sticker say. The dealer offer lists a market value selling price and then itemizes destination. The question at hand is if that is msrp or if they’re marking it up above msrp.


@rob123mark Thank you - that PM is extremely helpful.

Thank you to everyone else too. Really fast and helpful advice here…

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Ok, thanks for the explanation. I’m not sure what the actual sticker says, I didn’t see this particular car in person yet, it was a phone inquiry

Does the dealer have it listed on their website? You should be able to search the vin in the offer.

on the website this car is listed as “MSRP $45,690”

its crazy how these cars are selling like cupcakes @ MSRP. every dealer here has them turning over super quick. Diesel Gate is definitely forgotten…

Over 800$ on a 45k car with 7500 in rebates is nuts.


I audibly gasped after reading the title of this thread.