**Leasehackr Forum Feedback Wanted!**


How about a paid membership or a subscription that provides a searchable database or a wiki of deals done for each make and model, instead of going through a bunch of threads. Also, as part of the subscription service, what about a deal tracker for certain cars we could add in a virtual garage, similar to Honcker. Also, access to free or discounted carfax, all part of our paid subscription.


Free carfax can be gotten easily. https://amp.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/2nf1fn/lpt_get_a_free_used_car_report_using_ebay/

More legit method is vehiclehistory.com but VIN must be in all CAPS.


i would love to see a way to filter out local deals. I am in So. Cal, Boston and Texas deals don’t really interest me. So if we can filter by geographic regions that will be very helpful to the community.


I agree, that would be a great filter!


But then you wouldn’t be able to compare?


Two suggestions
1)Add location East / West/ North / South USA, mfg brand / model / as drop downs when creating a topic/thread. Hackers can then narrow their view/search by selecting location/brand/model they are interested in.
2) Encourage dealers and sales mgrs like Simpson GMC Buick & chevysalesgirl to post here. They have been extreamly helpful. chevysalesgirl asking for leashackr help. Have you contacted her?
3) Post a “latest deal” every quarter. What happened to latest deals? Last post was May 31st.


Please add a few moderators to the forum. The influx of newbie trolls has been getting out of hand recently.

I never did get the trusted hacker accolade, but I’m willing to nominate myself to moderate. It would be great if we could assess warnings or temporary mutes to hostile users.


Adding a current deals page that’s current would be awesome!


There really isn’t any “current deals” though. Almost all the deals you see are not guaranteed and need to be negotiated.


Maybe regional area of this


Hi @LGrider and @doomtoall81,

Thanks for the suggestion. We did create tags for each state and type of vehicle so users can better filter through the forum, but obviously they haven’t been well-advertised to have an impact. We will work on getting users to tag their posts.


it’s a great forum!!!

  • Yes, lately it looks like more users joined and the amount of “noise” grow with it.
    I think by emphasizing real deal threads, it will help a lot to get directly to the point.

  • I have a suggestion for a dealership collaboration with users - “Purchase Group”.
    This is how it should work:

  1. Create a new section that each week, dealers will be able to open a group for a specific (or more) car model.
  2. Each dealer’s group will have a target number of users in order to roll/execute the deal.
  3. In to open a group, a dealer will deposit $5 multiplied by the target number of users required to execute the deal, to express their commitment to the deal. In case the target number of users have been reached and the deal was canceled by the dealer, the deposit will be split among the group users.
  4. Each user that wants to enter the Group Purchase will deposit $10 to express commitment to the deal. In case the target number of users have been reached and deal status switch to “Executing”, and one of the users wants to bail out, their deposit will go directly to the dealer.
  5. Group deal will have expiration date set by the dealer and cannot be modified. During the deal creation, the dealer will have to approve the prices separately and also confirm the Leasehackr Money value calculation (will be calculated automatically) - to avoid typo mistakes.
  6. A user the can bailout/exit of a deal and getting back their deposit only if the deal didn’t switch to “Executing” phase.
  7. Once the deal reached it maximum target number of users or expired, additional users that wants to join the deal will enter a waiting list that will be shared with the group leader.
  8. A dealer can add more users to the deal. But cannot change the target number of users (cannot modify a deal).
  9. If a deal was executed, LeaseHackr will get $1 from each deposit (both from dealer and users).

… I got more ideas for the business process if you want to pursue this feature,

Please share your thoughts,.


TL;DR Are you suggesting a pyramid? Or some new lease-monopoly board game?


Introduction of a deal score card… total number of ‘likes’ will show up as deal score.


Interesting concept. This sounds similar to crowdfunding pledges? It is theoretically an attractive concept which has worked in many other industries, but not sure how car dealers would receive this idea since it would disrupt their existing business model?


It’s very simple as @littleviolette mentioned.


You are correct.
Why not disturb the industry business model?
It’s enough to have a few car dealerships that really want to have an advantage on top of others (others will come later).
It will reduce their costs and will be more effective and will enhance the traditional user experience.

My response will be, “Why not?”


This is a serious question as I think of myself as a car guy - what is the obsession w/ “groupbuying” ?

Perhaps I’m biased(which I am to an extent) but “groupbuying” really isn’t a thing.

While I can understand the consumer expectation that more sold = more discount; it rarely works that way.

If I’m a dealer, why do I want to want to lose 2k on 5 cars as opposed to the one I needed to get to my ‘number’?

Not a hostile question, just trying to wrap my mind around the theory that I see has become popular on LH.


I’m with you. My director would rather see 4 loser -$1200 deals then a “group buy” of 4 deals at one time.

Sounds stupid because it’s the same thing but at end of day the deal doesn’t get better for group buy.



We’ve all seen the deals posted that stores won’t recreate or ask the poster to not reveal who they are… there is a reason for that.

I think people don’t understand that most manager pay plans are based on gross and it’s hard to kill your month just to move X units.

That and stacking multiple loser deals digs you into a hole that can kill your per copy… something no owner/ship is going to like.

Stores are never short customers, just deals they would take.