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I think people think they are getting more of a discount doing it this way, as you allude to. I’m sure the sales manager is well versed in fluff speak, and blows enough smoke up their asses to make them think they actually are getting a better deal than they are.

The veterans on the board have pointed this out in the past. The rookies either didn’t see it, or felt they were wrong.


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@Cody_Carter, @Benedetto,
As mentioned in a different post, when it comes to the last mile in a Q to complete the quota, and you have 5, 10 or unpopular model and you want to end up on the right side, gather a quick purchasing group with attractive discount that will expire after a week, just make your numbers.
It’s a “Win Win” situation for everyone - environment, economy, dealership, salesman, clients, manufactures, just name it.

@Cody_Carter, you might say that your spreadsheet is already at the “rock bottom”, but you are forget the monthly vouchers that your manager has.

Also, it will reduce the hassle.

You can still try and sell under pressure to “rookies” and make more money. No one will complain if your quota was 80 and you sold 82.

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My quota is super low. 20 units. But we don’t do any high pressure selling in fleet department. At the end of day the discount doesn’t get larger if we get 5+ ppl wanting to buy. It’s all the same to me. 1 or 10 pricing is still the same


Certain manufacturers, get kickback money on either specific units, or # of units hit I’m assuming that’s why these group buys make sense. For example, BMW’s get a flat % kick back on New cars, but if you check out the 7 series it’s like 15k off which is not nearly enough to make a profit, so manufacturers basically set a up trunk money for the model being sold.

I’m assuming when it comes to group purchases those cars are going out year models which have taken a dip in sales and the manufacturer is offering a lower MF, trunk money, or reward bonus money to let dealers sell it for cheaper.


I’ll respond to the one part and reserve this post for after month end.

Response: What makes you assume I’m getting paid if I go over my quota? Do you by chance know how the volume programs work or scale? It’s not a simple 1 -1 ratio nor do all units pay on volume.

To be continued after month end.