**Leasehackr Forum Feedback Wanted!**


What do you guys think about this suggestion?

People posting in the MARKETPLACE tab should still follow the share/deals and ask the hackr format (MSRP, Model, Selling price, MSD, etc etc. )

The reason I brought this up is because I am seeing more and more dealers posting the cars name with no year and just the price they want.


absolutely agree.

Lease transfers (private party) can be exempt as the MF, RV, etc hardly matter (they are already set in stone).


Please don’t force a new tab/window when you click a menu item (eg. on home page click “Forum”, “Calculator” , etc.: it should open the link in the same tab, not a new one). This is annoying.


In addition to my previous post- I think the formatting from the share deals should apply to “Ask the Hackrs” as well since users are asking for advice if their’s is a good deal without inputting all the needed information.


Category names could use some tweaking…apparently lots of people seem to think “Share a Deal” means posting a random offer/ad from a dealer and asking for advice/opinions.

The genuine “Share a Deal” threads are my favorite…who doesn’t like seeing a good-to-great deal? It’s too bad that awesome category is filled with so many people who should be asking the hackrs instead.


Perhaps we could use brackets or parentheses to show which rebates are known to be mutually exclusive, i.e. cannot be stacked with each other.

Eg, “Targeted: [$3,000 Asian lease conquest, $1,500 competitive lease, or $500 lease loyalty]”


And there is a simple solution for this: only moderators should be able to create new topics (like on Edmunds), but it will require more work on their part.


When we did the meetup in SoCal, we discussed getting some “moderators” with @michael but never really went very far.


Going forward, as the site gets larger, some extra moderators would probably help…


Is @Phantomcypher a mod? Seems like he moved a thread from “Share Deals” section to “Marketplace.”


@Jon The funny thing is that anybody can edit other person’s title and move it around as well. And it should not be allowed or we’ll have some CarPhan hijacking topics :slight_smile:


@Ursus, now if I could just edit your avatar I have a lovely picture of a Liverbird to replace it with :wink:


@Ed_Churchward It won’t change me. At least until Roman decides to sack Conte next season after this season’s double :slight_smile:


Registered here by friend’s recommendation, feel no disappointment so far. will do my best to be more active)


needs some time to get used to.


I think we need an exclusive lounge for some of us old timers :slight_smile: or accolodes for submissions that generated lots of views and conversation. I’m selfish.


You west coast hackers do not forget us east coasters in whatever you decide, or it will be biggie vs. tupac all over. :grinning:


Same been recommending and addicted more than Slickdeals and I was on that band wagon back in 02…

Thanks @michael for building this site. I would like to see some new helpful articles like the ones on the front page.

Article on MSD explanation. More information on IDL cash.

Pinned list of lease brands transferable.

I read this person who claims he was a sales person and writes for car and driver. He writes something called salesman confidential. It just has general helpful topics and other aspects beyond just the numbers. Different vantage points. Really helpful stuff for lamens. We could build something like that here.

Also Can we pin topics?


Also talk about leasing and pricing trends…


Thank you all for the suggestions. We have worked hard on gradually implementing them. We appreciate your patience and continued support.