LEASED 2018 Maserati Ghibli S


Orlando Ferrari Maserati payed off the remaining four lease payments for my Volvo. That was $1,740

2018 Maserati Ghibli S

**MSRP $82,750
**Selling Price: $68,507
**Monthly Payment: $719.94 including Tax
**Down Payment: $2330.33 (1st payment, some Tax, Tag, Title, Fees, and $405 Cap Cost Reduction)

So they got $405 back out of paying my $1,740 Volvo lease off. I can live with that.

**MSD: 0
**Incentives: ?

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: ?
**Residual: 55%

**Zip Code: 32832

Soooooo, tax and fees INCLUDED, zero upfront all in is $736 per month when you back out the $1,740 Maserati payed to pay off the Volvo lease.

I think this is a good deal? I hope so, ‘cause I signed it. :slight_smile:

Thank you all who provide such valuable information on this forum.

Feel free to contact the dealer for the same deal. Ask for Brian Morris. He said to include his last name. 407-667-4300. Tell them Brett sent you from Leasehackr.

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What’s in the down payment that brings it to 2700? Looks like you have tax in both places. What’s the down payment, because that means your sales price is higher.

There is a $405 Cap cost reduction. I can live with that considering they sent Volvo a check for $1,740.

And there is a 1k dealer fee. The check for volvo is included in the programs, any maserati dealer would cut the check to volvo


Hmmm next time I’d suggest making sure you know all of the figures before signing. You shouldn’t have any question about incentives or your money factor! I’m also not understanding how you are calculating an effective $659/mo with $0 due at signing. Looks like you put down a pretty big down payment to get your monthly at $720/mo. However, it certainly helps they helped you get out of your current lease.

Regardless, that’s a lot of car so congratulations!

$719.94 x 35 mos = $25,197.90

Plus the $2,730.33 Down = $27,928,23

LESS Taxes of $4,357.03 = $23,571.20

Divided by the 36 months =

$654.76 per month all in, plus taxes.

My goal was sub 1% MSRP not including taxes, as they vary by state. In addition, Maserati paying off my current lease.

I knew the MF, but can’t recall now. It is inconsequential. What matters is my all in monthly payment, at least to me. I wanted that below 1% MSRP all in, plus tax.

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Isn’t FL tax just on the monthly and around 6%?

That would make it around 679 plus tax

According to my lease, the tax is $4,357.03.

Maybe I can’t see it on my phone but I don’t see that on the lease doc you posted.

This is one of the beginning offers. It shows the sales tax.

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That’s on a deal sheet that shows a purchase option and a lease option. That $4k tax number is on a retail purchase. Not a lease.

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They show that to convolute the deal vs purchasing.

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They showed tax on full price (financed) and calculated lease payments based on that? Then just moved money around.
Was too slow typing it :grin:

Ahhhhh. Sneaky bas#@*ds. :slight_smile:

I’d have to look on my lease later to get the tax charged then. Even at the 6%, I’m still below 1% MSRP…just not as below as I had thought.

Hence the balloon.

Don’t let it deflate you too much. Just go out and enjoy in good health. And ask beforehand next time. :sunglasses:

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Oh I still feel good about it. A now corrected zero down and $736 per month all in INCLUDING taxes and fees on an $83,000 car, which includes Maserati paying off my $1,700 Volvo lease. I think I did OK for a novice! Well below 1%!

…and the car is out of this world! I never dreamed of driving such a nice car. I could not have done it without you guys on this forum. Though I flubbed the tax a bit, I got them down to a payment that just two months ago (before I discovered this forum) I expected to pay for a $50,000 Audi!



That’s an awesome car. You’ll certainly enjoy it.

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I have a 16’ S as my weekend car love that car everytime I drive it. Congrats. Did you get the carbon fiber trim?


I almost got into a SQ4 a few years ago… until I found out the maintenance costs. That exhaust sound is intoxicating though :slight_smile: