[Lease transfer] 2017 BMW X3 sDrive28i - $53,145 MSRP, $526/mo includes maintenance + wear & tear

Black Sapphire Metallic w/ Black Nevada leather
Driver Assistance Package (back up cam + park distance control)
M Sport - A BMW without M-Sport is not a BMW
Premium Package 3
Heated Front Seats
Apple CarPlay
ACC - Automatice Cruise Control, works automatically in Stop & Go traffic - VERY hard to find and wonderful in freeway traffic

MSRP = $53,145
Miles 7,900
Remaining miles = 22,000 (about 825 miles per month, or 10k / year)
Months Remain = 26

Added bonuses:

  1. This car INCLUDES maintenance, including brakes. I paid extra for this to keep maintenance transferable to new owner + add coverage for brakes. This is unusual as the vast majority of lease transfers for BMW do not include transferable maintenance.
  2. Includes $5k lease end protection for scratches, and other damage that would other cost you at least end. Great because it even covers tires.
  3. High quality matching tint for front windows
  4. High quality paint sealant applied that lasts approx 6 months
  5. I will reimburse you the $500 transfer fee from BMW

PM for pics, or other questions. Thanks for looking.

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Good luck, but at that payment you’re in X5 territory.

Is this posted on swapalease?

You will probably have better luck there unless you put a cash incentive on this transfer.

Uh, no, not X5 territory, and not optioned like this, and not with brake maintenance and lease end coverage included. It’s $0 down, $526 / mo, 1% deal, hard to do with any BMW right now, let alone X-series of any sort.

I’ve bought 8 BMWs in my life and leased 4 (including this one).

For comparison on going 2018 deals

Not on swapalease or leasetrader or bimmerfest at this point. May later.

I updated your title to be easier on the eyes and indicate it is a lease transfer

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I’m sure your car is very nice, but you probably are better off putting it on swapalease to get some traction.

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Folks, the name calling here is not necessary or productive.

I agree with @nyclife, I think your car is nice, but I think you’ll get better traction with this one on swapalease. The folks here saw 2017 X3 loaners (ignoring the options) in the 200s/300s/low 400s not 2-3 months ago and therefore likely won’t bite at this. You’ll save yourself a ton of time, aggravation, and nitpicking on swapalease for this one.

Before you think your deal is the best thing in the world:

here is a 50k X3 that someone picked up for about half of what you did:


Just wanted to point out that my deal was for a 2019 model for comparability.

Took out the trash. In summary…

We’ve got a well optioned 2017 X3 with the owner offering to pay the transfer fee. Price is high given what we’ve seen in the past, but it’s a well optioned vehicle that no longer has lease support so this is as good as it gets for MY2017 now. There may be someone on the forum who this will interest, if they are dying for a well optioned X3 and don’t want to do the legwork for a MY2018.


Everyone gets super defensive of their deals when trying to offload them. Sub 1% monthly BMW deals are a dime a dozen here. I tried to get rid of mine on here and CL, no movement for two weeks. Paid my $150 to swap a lease and it was gone in a few days. Op I suggest you do the same. If you make one more payment than you otherwise would have waiting for a hakr to take over your lease you are hundreds of dollars behind. Also don’t forget the transfer takes a few weeks. Good luck but I highly doubt anyone here will bite.


You are offering a good value for what most people can get on that car with those options. You may not find them here, but nonetheless your posting does get attention which is good. As mentioned by others, put this up on Swapalease/Leasetrader or similar website, and it should be gone quickly.

A co-worker is fully convinced he got the best possible deal for an absolute base C300 for $485 mo and includes maintenance services. I think you will be fine offloading this soon.

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