Lease swap - Hyundai

What are best sites for lease swap? Any fees from Hyundai on lease transfers?

Hyundai does not allow for lease transfers.

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As @HersheySweet said, no lease swapping on Hyundai. If you want out, you’ll need to sell it.

Thanks. That’s a bummer. I guess i have try selling to vroom or private party

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In order to end your lease early, you would either a) have someone else assume your lease or b) have someone buyout the lease.

Lease Assumption:

Many brands will allow you to transfer out of your lease and assign it to someone else after paying a lease transfer fee and submitting required documentation. Those brands include BMW, Mercedes, Lexus etc.

Some brands will not allow lease transfers at all such as Honda, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, Hyundai etc.

A select few brands, such as Audi or Infiniti, allow lease transfers, but keep the original leasee liable. It is generally not recommended to do a transfer as you would remain liable for the car after transfer.

There are some other restrictions that can affect your ability to do a transfer such as remaining months on the lease and regional restrictions. It is best to check with your leasing company by calling them directly.

Once you decide you want to transfer out of your lease, you can post your car for free under LH’s private transfer section:

Alternatively, you can list your car for a fee with or which are two large lease transfer marketplaces that have a large user base of people actively looking to assume leases.

Lease Buyout:

You can have a third party buyout the car. In order to do that, you would call your leasing company and get the current “dealer payoff quote” which is the amount of money needed right now to payoff your car which will satisfy your lease agreement. Once you have that number you can take your car to your local Carmax and see what they would offer to buy your car. If the amount is near or above your dealer payoff quote, then you can sell it to them and you would be out of the lease. Alternatively, you can get an online quote from or who will give you an instant online offer. If you accept the offer, they would come and pick up the car from you and pay you on the spot. Ideally you would get a quote from all sources as they may vary significantly. For more information, please see forum discussions:

For additional information, make sure to check out Leasehacking 101: How to End Your Lease Early