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If you don’t know these guys, they’re a real gem that I’d encourage you to check out. If you’re in the market for a lease, they can probably find you something within your price range that’s a ridiculous value. They’re also extremely considerate, responsive and professional. The car I’m driving right now got featured on LeaseHackr’s Instagram because it was that great of a deal, and LeaseHero brought the deal to my attention. Couldn’t recommend them more.


Thanks so much Sean! Hope you’re enjoying your truck, the reds gorgeous!


Used @LeaseHero to find my brother an X5e.

I’ll cut to the chase: they are communicative, transparent, available, and friendly.

We made a fantastic deal on a car that met our needs. I have the utmost respect and admiration for businesses such as this.

Please use their services with faith and high expectations.

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Thanks so much for the kind words, by far the nicest specced X5 I’ve seen!


Emailed you guys with an inquiry. Would it be best to contact you Via email, phone or in person?

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Hi Christopher, we received your email from last night and just sent over a response! E-mail and/or call/text are the best ways to contact us! Sorry for the delay


Added hyperlinks to all manufacturers we currently have specials for in March to make viewing our inventory easier!


Thank you Arya for all your help in getting me into an X3!

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An absolute pleasure serving you! Hope you enjoy your car!


Just got back home from picking up the 330i. Arya is absolutely pleasant to work with. Very easy to work with and save me A LOT of time. The finance manager didn’t push for any “upgrade”. You just walk in and sign sign sign and done!!! oh… pay too.

Again, highly recommended Lease Hero/Arya to everyone in SoCal!!!

At last, thank you so much for the great deal Arya! Will do it again in 24 months!



Happy to hear you had such a good experience! Can’t wait to help you with the next lease :smiley:


Aria from Lease Hero is the man. He is very attentive and honest. Gives you great pricing and hustles for your business. Plus, you can tell he is very passionate about what he does and cars in general. Would definitely give him a call if you’re in the market for a lease. Highly recommended!

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Thank you for the kind words! Happy to assist you in your car search :slight_smile:


Just got back from picking up a new 340i M-Sport for a fantastic price.
Arya from LeaseHero made everything simple and straightforward.
Really stoked on this car and will definitely recommend this company to any and everyone looking to lease a car.

Thanks again LH!

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Thank you for the kind words, you and your dog look great with the car!

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He doesn’t look disabled at all lol

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Sometimes disability is a feeling

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So, what are you saying? :thinking::grin:


I support law abiding citizens and the ADA :wink:

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LOL that is where they parked my car for delivery but I appreciate the concern you guys :muscle:t3:

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