Known Honda Dealerships to Look for Good Leases

Does anyone know any really good dealers that tend to have the best lease specials for Honda’s? Every dealer’s website has a different offer and it is hard to find the best one. For example, a lot of dealer’s websites only offer 3k down and $249/mo for a 2020 Accord, while another website offers 3k down and $199/mo.

Thank You.

I will try and message him! Thank you for your help.

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Advertised lease specials are not a good thing to base deals off of.


So you would recommend that I use the advertised lease specials and negotiate down from there? I know car prices are negotiated a lot, I was unsure about lease payments.

I would suggest you forget any and all advertised specials, spend some time reading the leasing 101 section on here, then research comparable leases on here to see what’s possible


Read the leasing 101 section… you will learn how leases work. Go to Edmunds to check the RV, MF and incentives. Put all the info into the lease calculator and you’ll know roughly what you’re looking for when emailing dealers. Then try to work the sale price down.


Oh you are going to get taken for a ride. I strongly suggest you not sign any lease without running it by us here first or hire a broker.


Ok I will read that tonight, thank you.


Get an Acura it’s the same Honda

And that $3000 down and $249 for the honda I’m assuming it’s the accord LX?

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Yes! That is for an 2020 Accord LX.

Acura’s are awesome, but just a little bit too expensive.

Just started reading these. They are awesome, thank you for linking them.

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Many of them lease cheaper than a similar Honda.


I will look at Acuras then. The only similar leases I saw were for 2020 ILX and they were more than an Accord. Acuras are really awesome looking cars.

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Where are you looking at Acura leases? Here or on

Both, but all the good deals here are not in my state. I see a lot of good ones in NY/NJ and SoCal but its hard to find ones in the South that are for non-Florida residents.