JULY: VW and Subaru Hacker Deals SOCAL

July is here, and the deals are hot. VW deals will carry on until the 8th. The sweetspots are Tiguan, Jetta, Atlas (especially SE V6 models) and Sportwagens.

Subaru deals continue to be extremely strong, especially Outback with all the leases coming in as 1% Deals.

See the July Deals Here: July VW and Subaru Hacker Deals.

These deals apply to SOCAL. If you want to lease a Subaru or VW and you live in SOCAL, please let me know what you are looking for and I can work up a custom quote.

Call or Text Me to set up an appointment.


Just in case anyone is interested. I can do $10,000 off M.S.R.P. on the Purchase of any E-Golf in stock. The lease deals are up on the sheet.

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Nothing for Passat?

I am totally sold out of 2019 Passat’s. That ship has sailed.

any lease deals on the e golf?

@rubbergash can you buy VWCare after the fact?

Just FYI, your sheet shows 2018 models, I assume these are 2019 models, correct?

No idea what you are talking about @Mike2000

Your spreadsheet says 2018 model in the column at the top left. Clearly they’re all 2019s, but might be confusing to some

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Do you have any Ascent Limited in stock?

Hey. Do you have Arteon too?

Only 1 in stock.

Can you information about it?

Huge VW deals coming your way shortly. Stay Tuned. This is going to be the month to buy a Tiguan. Spreadsheet will start to get updated within the hour.

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Is the residual the same for 36 and 39 months? I ask because with the latter, you have to pay an extra year’s of license and registration.

These deals are optimized for the absolute lowest payment. If you want to go to 36 months, the payments on average go up $10 per month. The Money Factor is the same, but the Residuals are not.

OK Hackers. These VW Deals are straight Fire!!! I cannot stress enough, that all these deals are on a first come first serve basis.

I have got the spreadsheet going with some smoking hot deals here:

See the deals here: VW and Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals

Call or Text Me to set up an appointment.


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Do you plan on adding e-golf? Where are you located in SoCal? Thanks.

I’m $10000 off an e-Golf on a Purchase (Plus you will get something like an additional $10000 more back from the government) I am down to 1 e-Golf in stock right now and it’s an SEL, but I have prioritized getting 4 more SE models from the Port A.S.A.P.

Ok. I am not sure if I want to own an e-Golf with all the new EVs with longer range coming out soon. Thus the 10K off… I will wait for your lease numbers. Thanks.