Introducing our newest Trusted Hackrs!

Thank you all for taking part in our Trusted Hackr nominations. Please welcome the latest additions to the group!


Trusted Hackrs are members we recognize for their knowledge and experience. Our latest Trusted Hackrs hail from different geographies and bring with them diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Aside from that, Trusted Hackrs have moderator privileges to keep the forum a civil place for conversation. It’s completely optional to exercise these powers, but if they choose to do so, we trust that they use them responsibly. (Moderation guidelines here.)

Congrats to all!


Excellent choices. Thanks for your continued efforts!

Congratulations trusted hackers!



Oh joy, @Ursus is back! :popcorn:

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Oops, who let that guy in here?

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Thanks all for the recognition. I shall use the trusted Hackr power wisely!