How to Get Ford X-Plan Pricing

Key Points:

  • X-Plan pricing is: Dealer Invoice - (0.4% * Dealer Invoice) + $275 Administration Fee.
  • X-Plan sets a $100 cap on dealer doc fees, but not every dealership complies with this rule.
  • In the past, X-Plan pricing could easily be beaten, but the current vehicle shortage has made X-Plan a comparatively good option.
  • Right now, most dealers charge a markup and do not accept X-Plan on existing vehicle inventory, but some may accept X-Plan on custom orders. Confirm in writing about X-Plan before placing an order with a dealer.

Who is Eligible to Get X-Plan:

List of Dealers that Accept X-Plan on Custom Orders

  • Galpin Ford (Los Angeles, CA) (Source: michael)

  • Earnhardt Ford (Mesa, AZ)
    (Source: Hershey/F150 lighting Forums)

  • The Ford Store (Morgan Hill, CA)
    (Source: Hershey/F150 lightning Forums)

  • Hoffman Ford (E. Hartford, Ct)
    (Source: Hershey/F150 lighting Forums)

  • Mahwah Ford (Mahwah, NJ)
    (Source: Hershey/F150 lighting Forums)

  • Five Star Ford (Lewisville, TX)
    (Source: syedhasan)

  • Flemington Ford (Flemington, NJ) ask for Mark Schmaling
    (Source: z0lt3c)

Useful Links:

Ineligible Products 2Q22:

  • Bronco 2DR/4DR all body styles are ineligible for X-Plan & X-Plan Partner
  • Bronco 2DR/4DR First Edition E5E/E5F are ineligible for AZD-Plan (all remaining body styles are eligible)
  • Bronco 2DR/4DR Raptor E5J are ineligible for AZD-Plan
  • Continental Black Label Coach Doors (800A/31C)
  • Fiesta S (100A) is eligible for A/Z-Plan only
  • Mustang Shelby GT350, Mustang Shelby GT500, Mustang Bullitt, Mustang Mach1
  • Ford GT
  • F-150 Raptor, F-150 Lightning
  • F-450 & F-550 Chassis Cabs
  • E-Series: E-450 Cutaway & E-450 Stripped Chassis
  • F-Series Stripped Chassis: F-53 Class A Motorhome Chassis & F59 Commercial Stripped Chassis
  • F-650 & F-750 Chassis Cabs
  • E-Transit is ineligible for X-Plan & X-Plan Partner

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What are those companies with double asterisk

Wow my company put xplan on hold, wonder if it is nationwide

I bought 100 shares of stock when the Bronco was announced. It isn’t as high as it once was, but it’s gone up quite a bit since then. Might be a good long term buy and hold play for X plan as well as growth.

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Ford Simi Valley said they will accept X plan on an order.

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Five Star Ford of Lewisville in DFW TX accepts X-Plan on orders


Can I use it for currently placed orders? Im guessing now

Make sure they add no blessings

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Lots of dealers take xplan but some models are ineligible. My dealer took it on Mach E

Not even ceramic blessings?

Snake oil you say?

Dealers here in this county are greedy AF

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Can we make a list of Ford dealers who actually discount with no ADM, no insane fees? I want to place orders for some Fords once order book open.


Chapman 422 doc
Granger 180 doc


This is less exciting when the $7500 rebate get cuts in half which will likely be all MY23

Chapman and Granger are definitely on top of their game with no ADMs - Chapman stopped price protection and Granger doesn’t lease out of state (IOWA)

To get the tax credit you gotta buy
So granger it is

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Chapman might not want to deal with me after jeep orders haha.


Ceramic coatings, PPF, and paint correction are all great tools - on cars that need them.

I’m not doing any of the above for my TRX - but I will for any car I wish to
A. Keep long term
B. Preserve value on (collector car,etc)

I would love to see all sorts of wiki threads like that…best CU rates updates, etc.


That was be great!

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