HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

Here we go again with bad information. Ccap’s bank fee is $595, not $895 or not even $1195.

This has been discussed time and time again. There is no such thing as “it comes back at different approvals” . If you’re paying $895 or even $1195, it’s a pure mark up from the dealer.

I’m signing on one today and elected to go the 39month route to specially cut off that avenue for them. This is a dealer that is openly known to do it too.


I had a couple, I’m just down to the HA, I consider myself a 1 Jeep loser now.


How many miles did you have on it? I have a HA I really don’t wanna sell but if it’s anywhere near 63k, I would have to consider it for extra beer money.

Lets be clear on the information here on what is known and what isnt known.

Ccap does not list a standardized acq fee. They specifically say to check the incentivized rate sheet for the current rate. They also say that dealer mark ups of no more than $300 is allowed for for acq fees of “$595 or higher”.

There have been people charged $1195. That can not be a result of the maximum $300 mark up on a $595 acq fee, confirming that the acq fee rate is not fixed $595 from ccap. This is consistent with their verbiage that allows for mark ups to be added on a base fee of $595 or above.

We have also seen people that have got multiple jeeps from the same dealer charged different acq fees on them and people that have had their paperwork changed for a new month charged different acq fee rates from the same dealer.

Tldr: an $895 acq fee might be marked up or it might not be



I’ve done the i3 (2015), S90 (2018), 2 Etrons (2020) and 3 Jeeps because of leasehackr. Probably confuses my neighbors as there is no pattern to my buying choices except this site.


Just found this incentive for May.


Good timing !! This is helpful !

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so they updated it today?

sure but the game is the 7500. if that doesn’t exist, how many of these do you think sell?

To the lh community, not as many. Overall? Still quite a lot.

Does anyone know if there is a convenient place to find which CCAP region the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is in?


For sure! Makes me feel a little better about this months crappy program lol

Goes to show ya you need to constantly be checking these things daily.

Maybe we see more good news with a MF drop mid month

I had a fully optioned out TRD OR with 15k/year (that I didn’t even ask for but was “upgraded to”) for $250 a month - it was insane.

Oh and then I flipped it for $6k lol


Got my sticker yesterday for March 3rd order for Sahara . See a bump of $80 on monthly payments compare to April MF/RV.
RV 61. Planning to Flip in 3 to 6 months if i dont like the ride now extra $78 per month will push me more to flip. Hope June MF looks better but due to Fed increasing the rates I am not counting on it. Looks like Feds going to hike by 50 points more by end of this year.
Not sure when the Jeep will arrive at the dealership.

I sold mine in Feb 2021, two months before prices went through the roof, make a lousy $3k :joy:

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At this point by neighbors probably think I work for a Jeep dealer lol


Any link to the deal or LH posts if deal is good enough to look at.