Hi! My name is BenzOrNothing

Thank you So much!!! I appreciate you

Got an EQS SUV from Dale last week. Dale made it simple and was helpful and responsive throughout. The whole process went smoothly and is as frictionless as it gets. This is how car buying should be. You could spend a whole day at a regular dealership and still not end up with a car. Dale gives you a great price and does not waste your time.

This is how it works:

  1. pick a car from inventory and fill out the form linked on the first page of this topic
  2. look over the quote Dale sends you
  3. if acceptable, let Dale know, otherwise go back to Step 1
  4. Dale gets your info, you fill out leasing paperwork, send them payment
  5. car is transported to your door

Fantastic experience overall. Highly recommended.


Thank you so much SIR!!! I appreciate you :slight_smile:

@BENZORNOTHING is amazing to work with! I leased an EQS SUV from him last week, and the process was transparent and efficient. I highly recommend Dale for your next Mercedes purchase. He is a pleasure to work with and goes out of his way to make sure you are taken care of.

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@BENZORNOTHING got me a great deal for my EQS 580 SUV lease last week. I got the exact color and config I was looking for, locked everything down online and drove down to Portland to pick up the car. Had a wonderful drive back up to Seattle!

Couldn’t have asked for a better, more transparent buying process. This is how all car purchases should be! I wasn’t able to find a better deal anywhere else, and I highly recommend him for any EQ purchases.

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Took delivery of my new EQS 580 SUV a couple of days ago. @BENZORNOTHING - great working with you and your team.

Definitely recommend you reaching out to Dale at @BENZORNOTHING if you are on the market for a new EQ vehicle.

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Thank you SO much!!!

Thank you so much!! I am glad the drive was amazing!

Dale is the real deal. I got a screaming deal on an EQB. So nice to work with someone who is completely transparent about all parameters of the deal.

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Thank you SO much!

Thank you Dale/@BENZORNOTHING for flawless leasing experience of EQB! From great and transparent quote ( by far best in Puget Sound+), laser fast communications and incredible 30 min only time spent at dealership! This is my 4th MB ( not counting other cars and brands) and by far the best experience. This is how car leasing/buying should be! Highly recommend to everyone.


Thank you so much!!!

I leased an EQE 500 working with @BENZORNOTHING / Dale. Got it shipped to Seattle from Portland. I highly recommend anyone looking to buy an MB to talk to this guy at least once before you close your deals, I think he will find you a better one - especially in NW. He was transparent, patient, and never rushed me.

Kudos to you Dale!


I was lucky enough to get into a new EQE 350 lease with Dale last week. It was by far the easiest car burying experience i’ve ever had. I flew in and spent 15 min at the dealer before driving off my quick trip home. He made sure the car was set up and ready to go. Communication was great and there was never a bit of pressure to get anything done. My wife and I are loving the car so far!

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Thank you So much! Just know I will always be here for you and your family! Congrats!

If you are looking for a deal on mercedes, dont waste your time with anyone else! Dale @BENZORNOTHING not only has the best deals but is very responsive and was very helpful throughout the whole process! Easily the best dealer on here!

Thank you SO much!!!

Working with Dale/@BENZORNOTHING was amazing. This was my first time purchasing a Mercedes, using Leasehackr, and transporting a vehicle across state lines so I had a LOT of questions.

Dale took the time to answer each question, run a few different quotes and scenarios, and never put on any pressure to make an immediate decision. This is exactly how car buying and leasing should be.

Once I chose the right vehicle for my family, Dale sent helpful videos explaining the entire process which made it easier to share information with my partner. Dale even helped secure a transport company and checked in on delivery and status.

I can’t say enough good things about him and his commitment to his clients. Not only have I recommended him to a few friends, but Dale will be the first person I reach out to when my lease is up. Thank you again!

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My recent Mercedes Benz lease experience was truly outstanding, thanks to Dale/ BENZORNOTHING exceptional service at the dealership. His extensive knowledge and friendly demeanor made the process a pleasure. From guiding me through the models to ensuring transparency in the sales process, he exemplified professionalism. He has commitment to customer satisfaction extended beyond the showroom, with a seamless transition to the finance department and thoughtful follow-up after the sale. If you’re in the market for a Mercedes Benz lease and want a top-notch buying experience, I highly recommend this guy for his expertise and customer-focused approach. If I had a chance driving down, will definitely dropped by and grab a coffee with this dude, he is just awesome !

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