Hello Leasehackr forum! (California to Maine or any city in between)


Hope this is the right place for this? My name is Michael and I own Your Auto Advocate based in Southern California. I am new here but I have been in the Automotive business for more than 25 years. I will try and help out here best I can. Some of you have much more knowledge than I do but I hope to bring some of my more than 25 years experience to the table. I will try my best to check this site for your questions but bear with me as I’m not only in the automobile business but I’m a single dad raising an 11-year-old son and have him as my first responsibility. I’m sure you understand.
I work all over the Country and specialize in acquiring NEW Lexus, Audi, BMW, Acura, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Chevy as they are 85% of my business. I also acquire Mclaren, Ferrari, Lambo, and Rolls Royce. 93% of my clients’ lease. Once you have picked out the ONE car you are planning on buying I would need you to contact me. That cost nothing as I DON’T charge an upfront fee. You pay me once the car is delivered. I can usually find and have a car delivered to your door within 2 days. I, unfortunately, can’t make 100% of people happy 100% of the time but I strive to do so! Enough for now, more later. Any questions?

_Nice to meet you, Here is a gift attached to help.





your post says you’re local to CA, your website says you’re local to FL. Can you clarify?

Also, your “sample” payments on the attachment have a very large DAS, I suggest you structure your deal with minimal DAS and also clarify your broker fee. Also, are those actual real leases or what do you mean with “sample”?

Please post real current lease deals in the market place section.

Good luck, looking forward to your deals.

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It says Fl?? That isnt right. Thank you. Typo i’ll have my IT guy fix it tomorrow. Thats weird… And thats not my sample payments. That is directly from Lexus… Its their national ads…

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What’s the benefit of posting Lexus’ national ad?


Folks here are interested in a broker that can find them a lease deal that would not be mainstream. Not necessarily a unicorn but something close. Folks here also appreciate transparency and up front numbers with details so they don’t have to bug you about them (too much) after you post a deal.


Posting national ad? Who cares about that? I posted Lexus Western area “Hot sheet” showing all their buy rates. I did that to help others here who would like to know the money factors or APRs for every Lexus. It just so happens on that sheet is Lexus current ad that is out to the public. All the other info isn’t publicly distributed.


I’ll bite. Would you post any deals publicly? How about an Audi Q7 3.0 P+ with Driver Assist and warm weather package in NJ? With just 1st month DAS, 39/12


Let’s give the guy a chance to get his footing and show us what he can do before jumping on him. His first post was an intro and a peace offering of sorts. Nothing wrong with that.

Welcome, @anon23017344! Looking forward to your contributions.


Being that this is a review thread, we should keep this to customer review specific issues moving forward.

@anon23017344, can you create a thread with your sample in the marketplace thread as well? Please follow the marketplace guidelines found here:

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