Marketplace Posting Guidelines


Dealer & broker advertisements. Private lease transfers.


Posts that do not comply with the following guidelines will be closed and unlisted:

  1. Only registered dealers and brokers may post deals on the Marketplace for commercial purposes. Register here. Private parties do not need registration to post under Private Lease Transfers.

  2. Posts need at least two (2) tags. At a minimum, include your state and the vehicle make. Here are some examples of tags:

  • States (e.g. CA, MD, NY); tag “usa-nationwide” for national deals
  • Makes (e.g. BMW, Chevrolet, Tesla)
  • Types (e.g. SUV, Green, Luxury)
  • Service Type (e.g. Dealer, Broker)
  1. We encourage posts to be deal-specific, rather than generic advertisements. For posts that advertise a monthly payment in its title, the down payment must also be included to avoid confusion.

  2. No spam. If you wish to broadly advertise your company, contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

  3. We strongly encourage you to post a link to the Leasehackr Calculator with the proposed deal.

  4. Include a contact method so readers can actually reach out to obtain the deal. If your profile includes contact information, you can refer readers to your profile instead.

Please note that Leasehackr and its parents and affiliates do not assume any responsibilities arising from the forum posts here. We are simply providing a platform to post advertisements. We do not provide any transactional services. Please be honest and clear when posting your ads here. Thank you!

4/11/19 Update: Dealers and Brokers shall not post their own deals on another business’s Marketplace post. The Marketplace category shall not be used as a forum to poach customers from other businesses.

Furthermore, Dealers and Brokers should refrain from bashing each other’s deals. The general public may continue to comment on Marketplace deals.

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Suggestion: Maybe require all dealers/brokers, to break down the lease instead of just a payment. Actually put it into the calculator, or their own calculator, to show incentives/selling price/amount due etc.



Great Idea…in the spirit of being transparent, it would be nice to see details broken down vs “Great deal on an Eagle Talon TSI 250/mo.”

We all harp on how important the details are, yet, we sometimes overlook this for the brokers in the forum when a nice monthly payment is tossed down.

Utilizing the calculator links would be good, as you can then adjust for mileage or add/remove incentives to meet your specific needs



I think showing a breakdown of whats due at signing and a sales price would be good.

Sometimes the calc is off, and it would make a post with multiple makes and models very difficult



I agree, the devil is in the details, and requiring brokers/dealers to post a Calculator link keeps everything visible and transparent.

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Drive off fees + monthly payment + term + annual miles = What I’m asked about 95% of the time on a lease. When someone doesn’t want drive to my location they sometimes will ask me… “What is your selling price?” Maybe we need to add that in as well. :thinking:



I’m not sure why this is a bad thing. If transparent, there shouldn’t be any need to NOT post sales price as well. If I want to see if you’re honest, and not padding numbers somewhere, sales price would be an important number in regard to calculating that.

I’ve walked away from dealers not engaging in transparency.

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