Feb update - infiniti qx60 pure $291 + tax (first month, bank, plates, doc, tax, MSD DAS) - NJ/NY only, NO FEE



Please send me more info.
I’m leaving in NY,11021

Qx60 in NorCal or SoCal matching the one in east coast?

I’m interested. Please pm details.


I’m interested…please PM the info…


Sorry if you’ve answered this already, but how much is Luxe w/Essential?


Please PM the I might be interested


How come there are no good Infiniti deals on the west coast?


Is this deal still good? I haven’t heard back but looking lease as soon as possible



I’m interested in this deal. Who do I need to connect with?

I’m also open to other vehicles. MDX, X5, Audi A7. I currently have a qx60 that has 6 months left on a 39 month lease and is over miles by 15k (45,000) I know these things will change numbers. This is vehicle #1

I also need a vehicle for myself I currently have a Maserati Ghibli with 8 months left and 5k over miles. I know there are a lot of loyalty programs out there if I stay with the same car.

Your thoughts?


I am very interested in this deal. Please PM me details.


@aronchi not sure you got my msg, interested in this. Buying is also considered since the conquer is 1500 more for purchase, which will drive the selling price under 35k


I have VPP code and also quality for Conquest. What are next steps to get this deal?


Very Interesting in Florida. Please PM me


How to proceed to get this deal. I’m new to this site.


Anyone receive a response from original poster?


Dude, I’m swamped. There are no more pures left and I’m on hold until month end. I’m sorry i didn’t reply, but i try to do as much as i can. This is not my main job.


I am interested in sensory package. Please PM me details.


Title should be updated like nyc life one. ONLY NJ and CT.
NY can’t do MSDs for infiniti so it’s dead for anyone.


Hello, aronchi,

I am trying to lease QX60 pure or lux AWD in North Jersey. Would you be able to let me know if you have a good deal? (I am eligible for Conquest. Maximum MSD is possible)

Thank you


I can’t thank Mike enough. After commenting on this post earlier last month, he followed up with me pretty quickly and just two weeks later I’m sitting in my 2019 QX60 LUXE! Simple, effective, timely - I’m never ever stepping foot into a dealership again! (well I have to sell my financed car, but after that…lol) Thanks Mike!

Here’s my car:


Thank you again!