Feb update - infiniti qx60 pure $291 + tax (first month, bank, plates, doc, tax, MSD DAS) - NJ/NY only, NO FEE

Feb update below. Note MSD only for non-NYS clients. PM for more information.

Home delivery is free and there is no broker fee.


Can I get a price on Luxe AWD in NY so no MSD and no VPP

If this deal can be replicated in CA. Please PM me. Thank you

Who can help me connect with the dealer who is offering this deal, I need work order to replicate it here in Charlotte, NC.


Very strong deal. Keep up the good work.

Updated #s above as of 8/20

Please PM me. I’m possibly interested in this deal, but I cannot contact you because I am a new member. Thanks!

I am also a new member… I love this deal… in NY so no MSD’s and no VPP. would like to know how to and who to contact to get this deal.

Numbers are good in september!

Interested. Pls pm me, ready now

I am interested in this. Please PM me details.

Hello, I am in NJ (morristown), and I am very interested in the deal. Please PM me the details.

Hey can you PM me details In NYC thanks.

Hello, I am in NJ and I am very interested in the deal. Please PM me the details.

New member here. Loyalty from Nissan. Interested in this deal. Could you pls pm me the dealer’s information.

Thank you!

Sorry, not trying to derail your deal Mike, which is very strong and I could be interested in.

How are the CVT transmissions in these? I’ve had Nissan CVT’s in the past and never liked the feel of them, lots of problems w/ early CVT transmissions, just wondering if they are any better or if I should steer clear of them until the technology is perfected?

Would this deal be possible for an out of state buyer like Ohio? Probably no home delivery here, but I could pick up?

No, the lease cash is regional.

Hey can you pm me details located in NYC

please pm me - im in brooklyn very interested for this month