Feb update - infiniti qx60 pure $291 + tax (first month, bank, plates, doc, tax, MSD DAS) - NJ/NY only, NO FEE



I am interested in this. Please send me PM


Hello - I am interested as well - trying to replicate something near or close to Charlotte NC. Please advise !


Good luck finding a deal in NC. When I leased my wife’s QX60 in May I had to go to PA to get it because the NC dealers were 2500 higher.


Thanks for the tip. I guess I’ll just just build in the cost of a 1x flight somewhere hopefully within a 6-7 hour drive max!


Could you please PM me the details.


Not sure how to send a PM. Just signed up to this forum. Need your services on a 2019 Infiniti QX60 pure, MSRP $53,760.
Please call or text (267) 495-6384. Willing to and need your services before I sign. Thank you


Any dealers in So Cal to match this deal?


I am interested in Luxe AWD with sensory package. Please PM me details.



New here… about to pull trigger on QX60 Luxe Essential pkg and $500 up charge for paint. msrp $52,580. Got a lease deal of $425 $0 down $2,600 for ALL taxes, fees and 1st month. 12k miles and 7.375 tax rate. Feel like I got hosed based on some of the posts here. I have 2 days before delivery to back out. Any thoughts?


Where are you located? If in NJ, I’d say put current deal on hold and contact Mike @aronchi ASAP.


I’m in NY. Does it matter if you live in NY and lease in NJ? Or should I pm a NY rep?


I do nyc area and li too


I live in Indiana. My wife has a good friend in NJ. Considering a one way ticket to purchase a Pure AWD to drive back to IN. I’m not sure if my employer participates in VPP yet. We would need 15k miles per year, but flexible on the term length. Looking for the lowest effective monthly payment and willing to max MSDs. Not sure how the out of state registration will affect me if at all. Please let me know on a payment assuming no DAS and best MSD for the buck. Thanks.


UPDATED FOR NOVEMBER. All trims available.


hi, I am interested in this deal. i
Qualify for vpp and conquest.


I am interested. Have VPP and qualify for conquest. I am in NJ. Please PM me.



Interested. Please PM with dealer details.


I am also interested in NJ. Can you get similar discounts on the top the luxe?


Is this available if the vehicle is registered in CT? :slight_smile:


No, I have tried to get them to do CT deliveries, no bueno…