EV Discussion Thread

Thought this might be a useful thread to discuss the comparisons between different EVs, ownership, charging experience etc.

Conversation that started this thread, EA charging vs Tesla Supercharging:

I’m in SoCal and have an Ioniq 5… while there are wait times depending on when you charge, the actual EA charging is very fast and the big difference between Tesla charging (I used to have a Y), is that you have to either use the app or phone tap to start the charging (like most non-Tesla charging stations).

And yes, EA charges are problematic at times but a working charger (150kw or 350kw) will usually charge the advertised 80% in 18 minutes or less. My free 30 minute sessions usually end up with a 95% charge every session.

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We like our iX. 10-100% in an hour and 320+mi range regularly even with the sport pack wheels.


Thanks for creating this topic. My personal experience with EA has been not so great, but fortunately it was more of a novelty of getting some free charging, and not having to depend on it to get anywhere. The bottom line is that every new EV is coming with free EA charging, so the stations are constantly full.

I got my Ioniq 5 with free EA charging last month. While we are shopping, I’ll swing by the EA station with 10 stalls, and they are always either full or broken. There are EVs waiting blocking traffic, people giving me dirty looks, people are pissed, looks worse than a Costco gas station. I don’t really need to charge at the stations, so we just leave.

Finding any non-tesla, unoccupied AND working charger is a challenge.

Having said that with the current trend with discounts having an EV as a 2nd car makes a lot of sense. But it amazed me how little fast charging there is near me in Metro Boston, an area with stronger adoption and incentives and the population density for it to work.


Free stuff ruins everything. We have ritual charging folks vs road tripping charging folks.

Also I noticed older EVs having difficulty establishing handshake with the station and takes them at least 5-10 minutes to start charging their cars. My guess is once the vehicle is old enough the software updates aren’t keeping up with the newer EVSE units.

EA needs to bring back idle fees to keep people moving along.


Having access to a free charger is super nice. My stats since I got the MYLR Mid-January

It’s effectively unenforceable with their failure rate, same as the timeouts between free sessions.

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Also no one has time to call EA customer service to blip/reboot the dispenser when the screen is frozen. I tried my best to call while I am charging my car.

Another point is that until 2025 when other manufacturers switch over to NACS, expect them to throw trunk cash for potential owners to buy transitional CCS plug cars.

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That’s the other thing that is affecting wait times and crowded chargers for EA, the free charging that at least 5-6 brands are getting.

I’m sure if every 3/Y being sold right now had 2 years of 30-minute charging sessions, those Tesla chargers would be more crowded.

Even without free charging, where I live, there are probably 3 Tesla SCs (8+ chargers) in the vicinity and they are all pretty crowded, there is only one EA DCFC (5 chargers) so it would make sense why the wait times are longer.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out once NACS non-Tesla access is allowed.

Any charger off the freeway near me are full.
It’s the chargers that are off the path, 2 miles from a freeway exit I can always find something open.

And the Wacky Volta DCFC at the local Amazon Fresh, the cable is so short it doesn’t reach the front of my car to charge. Only works if you have a ‘side’ charger port.

I guess there is an united front on giving EA the finger haha

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Should of just tagged me instead of taking shots at me

My 3 months free supercharging just showed up this morning after being told July 21st
I’ll report back on these wait times

I been charging at a ParkMobile that’s free near my moms no time limit no one ever there on weekends or after 6pm weekdays since 2-3 city employees hog it up with their bolts :sob:


I’ve had no issues with charging on road trips with the MYLR. Mostly in the Midwest though. Rented one in AZ as well. Most of my charging is at home. I average about 1.5 miles a day on weekdays unless I travel for work so no huge power needs.

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Nah you have reached boss level … they pay you to charge or “not charge” hahaha

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Pro tip: I have had the excellent luck with the newest EA stations. I can tell they are new because they show up in the EA app but not in my Ioniq 5’s nav system or in one case even on google maps. Where I have found those stations they are both working at 350 kW and reliably unoccupied. Luckily one of these is pretty close to my house- we’ll see how long it remains undiscovered.

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Newest EA stations do seem to be substantially better – not sure if that’s because they’re actually better or they just haven’t had time to break yet :rofl:

The EVGo brand chargers around here seem to be available and consistently high quality.

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The new single cable BTC units seem to have decent uptime.

Down here in 98degree Florida, I’m super impressed with how quickly my BMW I4 cranks up the AC. What’s also impressive is that I can sit idle for awhile with the air cranked and it has a negligible affect on range—great for traffic jams.

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VW doesn’t really care I bet, EA was formed because of Dieselgate and VW probably threw the minimum at it.

SJ/PHL here

EA chargers for the most part are decent. Wait times are hit or miss but I just look at the app and hope for the best if the available charger is still available by time I get there. Have 2 EA stations both 2.1 miles from the house. I do not have a home charger and have yet to pay to charge the car (MB EQE) since I got it April 3