Don't want your Tesla order? Join the club

If anyone in the MD (Owings Mills to be precise) area is looking to pick up a white/white MY-7 this month, the hold on my order I put in last year expired 2 days ago, and Tesla has started to send me texts to begin pre-delivery tasks. I’m guessing the car will be ready for delivery by end of the month at the latest based on previous purchase experiences. I transferred a Model 3 to someone on here previously.

Ordered price is the same as the current price ($52.9k + $1k white seats + $4k 3rd row/7 seats = $57.9k + taxes and fees), so I guess the appeal is knowing you’ll be able to take delivery while the full $7,500 tax credit is in effect for the next ~2 months. All I’m asking for is $250 to cover the order fee.

I created a new gmail specifically for this Model Y-7 order (learned from my previous VIN transfer to do this), so the transfer process should be relatively simple (no need to share access to my Tesla account, wait for Tesla rep to process request for VIN transfer, etc)…simple handoff of the Gmail and Tesla accounts should be all that’s required. Then you take care of the delivery tasks all by yourself instead of doing a 3-way dance with a Tesla rep and myself.
PM me if interested.


VIN has been assigned! Lock in a 7-seat Model Y that is guaranteed for delivery in time to be eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit (assuming you are eligible for the entire credit)! $250 is all I am asking (reservation fee).
model y reservation

Tesla just increased the price of the Model Y LR by $500 last night…still asking for the same $250 to take my MYLR-7 that is now $500 cheaper than what you can order right now. PM me!


Free bump for OP.

This is a pretty decent deal.

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Isn’t the same car cost $60k now? Am I missing something?

My wife has been looking for one of these to buy. I don’t suppose it could be transferred to a different state (NC).

So the same car costs $500 more now (plus another $100 as the destination fee went up $100 too), so total savings of $600 compared to ordering 1 today.
Also, even if you were to order 1 today, very possible it wouldn’t be ready for delivery until April (when the tax credit likely gets chopped in half to $3,750 once they enact the minimum U.S. battery content req).
I just input the same exact build on Tesla’s site, and it gives a Feb-April delivery estimate. Very possible any order (especially for a 7 seater) put in today won’t be delivered in time to receive the full tax credit.

Just checked right now, and the estimated delivery window for my build is 4-11 Feb. It would need to be picked up at the Owings Mills store in MD.


This is a great deal :ok_hand:
Good luck with the transfer :+1:

Out of state allowed?

Great deal to snag a 7 seater Model Y. Worked with OP previously on a deal and can personally vouch that he’s legit.


I will sell you the Brooklyn bridge for $250. Just like the OP here, I do not own it, and do not have any contractual right to transfer/sell it.

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Terrible analogy. Unlike the Brooklyn Bridge, the next person will gain the right to legally acquire this particular vehicle.

Call it a lead or a finder’s fee or whatever.


Especially OP paid this fee he’s asking to be reimbursed.

Isn’t the $250 order fee part of every Y order? So it’s not like whoever is taking it over is paying extra… nor is the OP “making money on the deal”. :slight_smile: (reference below)

Reference (original poster deleted but still quoted for perpetuity):

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I think OP has listed the old prices…
7 seater is $4000 but the base price is $10k less

Tesla used to be very strict about transferring reservations but I don’t think they care anymore. I have seen people done out of state transfers.

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I appreciate what OP is doing here but I don’t think a Tesla buyer spending 60k is going through the effort to assume a reservation to save $500

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Correct, but there are many easy workarounds that have been successful (I’ve personally transferred two after they “stopped” transfers

The appeal would be skipping the line (particularly on a 7 seater) + guaranteed qualification for the $7500 tax credit (might be reduced on Teslas in March I believe)

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Is this coming in as a 2022 or 2023?

It’s more like saving $600 (pre-$500 bump and $100 lower destination fee) and guaranteeing the $7,500 EV tax credit. No guarantee if you order a 7 seater today it’ll be ready in time to pickup before March ends. Taking over my reservation would be locking in a early Feb delivery and the full tax credit as well. The slightly cheaper MSRP is just a bonus.

Basically, for anyone that wants to take it over, here’s what the process will be:

  1. You confirm you want to take it over and can take delivery in Owings Mills, MD.
  2. I hand over the Gmail account the reservation is tied to (it’s a throwaway I created specifically for this reservation) and Tesla account login info.
  3. You access the accounts, change passwords, whatever, and then fill in all the registration info/pre-delivery tasks.
  4. Once you take delivery, shoot me the 250 via whatever payment service. I’m not even gonna ask for the 250 up front. If someone wants to screw me over and not pay up, that’s pretty shitty, but that’s life. Lol

It might even be possible to change the delivery location to another Tesla store, but that’s nothing I can guarantee.
Also, after everything is done, you can transfer the VIN to another email account so you don’t have to use the one I handed over.