Don't want your Tesla order? Join the club

Just confirmed VIN is a 2023 built in Fremont.

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Thanks for the good word! Hopefully you got the 3 fixed up and still not waiting for parts. Lol

No problem – GLWS! Got it fixed, but didn’t quite feel the same (lot of new rattles that wasn’t trim/panels), so ended up selling to Carmax near the peak of the market for a small profit. The second 3 I got was a rattle box with horrendous interior trim gaps straight off the lot, so that one got sold as well… Keeping an eye out for a used Model X, but pricing on those (especially newer ones) are still wild

OP is basically walking away with just his refunded order fee. I can see why some are skeptical but I also see OP’s offer as a gurantee you will have one within the coming weeks. Tesla says you should be able to get it in time if you order for the 7500, but no gurantee, and as someone who ordered a MYP, it kept getting pushed over and over and over…so you’re locking in the 7500 tax credit by working with the OP. I think its very fair of him to basically get his $250 back.

OP, sorry if I missed it but why do you no longer want it?

Basically since the resale value of my 3 tanked, no longer in a good position to trade up. So someone else can take it!

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2023s do not look promising even with the ev tax break. Autolender offered $37k.


OP, do you know if delivery has to be taken in MD or can it be in CA?

Pretty straight forward

I’m 99.9% certain it has to be picked up in MD. But I dunno, if someone were to take over the reservation before the car has made it all the way across the country (or leaves Fremont), possibly they could request to have it rerouted?

The buyer for one I transferred has successfully done this (and also changed the configuration), but obviously not guaranteed it would work.

You’d need to contact Tesla, and have them unassign the vin from the order, change the pick up location, and then wait for a new vin. You should be assigned the next vin that is available with the specs, so it should be a lot quicker than ordering, but no guarantee when the next vin will be available.

I’m in the same boat where I have a Y reservation that I planned to take delivery in the San Diego area but won’t now that the value of my 3 tanked. Unlike you though, the Y order is not tied to a throwaway email account. Do you know if there’s a work around so that I can transfer my order as well?

If it’s not tied to a throwaway account, it’s pretty hard to transfer the order. If it’s someone you know, they can accept delivery while it’s tied to your account. Then after delivery you can unlink the car from your account and they can add it to their Tesla account. OR if you’re really desperate you can create a new Tesla account, transfer your 3 to the new Tesla account so that you can giveaway your old Tesla account. But you would be losing whatever history (repairs, supercharging) you had in your old account. Neither options are worth it IMO.

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I did it once, but it was such a PITA (and needs buy-in from a Tesla advisor) and requires so much trust on both sides it really isn’t worth it…especially for the seller. Back when delivery times were up to 1 year out and prices of cars locked in thousands of dollars cheaper than the price of a new order, it was worth it to potential buyers though.

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Got a prompt from Tesla to schedule delivery. Went in the app, and it defaulted to a home delivery on 7 February. If anyone wants this, will need to move ASAP or else this VIN will go back in the pool to whoever is next in line on Tesla’s list.

Still asking just $250 (the order fee) to take over this reservation.

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For $250, I’d just take it as a loss


I think people are not willing to buy if it’s not worth flipping

If it can be switched to different “home delivery” address it might be worth it for ppl

Yeah, maybe. 6 months ago this reservation would have been gone within 24 hours. Lol
I’m pretty sure the delivery can be switched back to the store…would just need to contact them.

Definitely. OP has put in a lot of time and energy into this $250 transfer.


Hell, who knows, if I can somehow break even on trading in my 3 maybe I’ll just end up taking delivery myself. Lol
I could use the extra space the Y offers…not to mention the range.

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Haha you got about a week. What’s the last day to cancel?