🚀 DISCOUNTSALES2020 AUGUST HONDA DEALS! NY/NJ/CT/PA $181/month CIVIC, $189/month ACCORD and more!


Finally found a great HONDA dealer to work with, and the pricing is super aggressive! For those who have called Honda dealers in the past know how hard it is to get a legit salesperson on the line or in person, and it is frustrating and annoying hearing some of the sales pitches they use.

Now it’s easy with no headache! $299 broker fee on all Honda deals, and other trims and models available. Just PM me zip code, model, trim, color, and must have options if there are any.

Deals include NJ tax, so use that or change based on your zip code. MUST SIGN IN PERSON.

Calculator included on every deal so it’s easy to see that it is an amazing deal!

:fire::fire: HONDA FIT LX CVT :fire::fire:
$171/month + inception fees

:fire::fire: HONDA CIVIC SEDAN LX :fire::fire:
$181/month + inception fees

:fire::fire: HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK LX CVT :fire::fire:
$192/month + inception fees

:fire::fire: HONDA ACCORD LX :fire::fire:
$189/month + inception fees INCLUDES $750 loyalty (remove if you do not qualify)

:fire::fire: HONDA ACCORD EX :fire::fire:
$233/month + inception fees INCLUDES $750 loyalty (remove if you do not qualify)

:fire::fire: HONDA HRV LX :fire::fire:
$216/month + inception fees

:fire::fire: HONDA CR-V LX :fire::fire:
$256/month + inception fees

:fire::fire: HONDA PILOT LX :fire::fire:
$314/month + inception fees

:fire::fire: HONDA ODYSSEY LX :fire::fire:
$296/month + inception fees

:fire::fire: HONDA ODYSSEY EX-L :fire::fire:
$369/month + inception fees


Are there any Civic Sport hatchbacks available? Current Acura owner if that helps.

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Looking for a civic sport hatchbacks as well.


Please PM me with details of what you are looking for in the hatchback

Sent u a PM

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Anything for an Odyssey EX-L? 36/12 in 10306

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responded in a PM

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updated with civic hatchback…good looking car!

Is the lease from Honda Financial Services?

yes from HFS

Could you post a deal for 1.5T accord sport (I’m sure many would be interested in that build).

Didn’t receive the PM… Can you send again?

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I am one of the ones who would also be interested in a posting for the 1.5T and 2.0T Accord Sport.


Any Passport EX-Ls available?

The $1200 incentive for Civic LX, is that valid for PA registration?

These are amazing deals. Thanks for the legwork.

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Yeah I gotta say you have very fair deals, counting the broker fee, people still come out on top then to directly go to dealership asking for the advertised specials.

Good job. Wish we got our accord through you (215 monthly for HFS)

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@Ed_NYC and @temp1001

Thanks for the love! It can be frustrating calling dealers and trying to get pricing from them over the phone as they all want you to come in and waste your day there.

I’ll keep posting them as I get the lease numbers…their programs are just as complicated as Audi with different MFs and residuals based on trim

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the Accord LX link shows monthly of 189 (without making any changes what so ever) instead of the posted 181 per month.

which one is correct?

sorry typo $189 corrected

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