Deal Check: Chevy Bolt Los Angeles Calculator Question

Hi I’m new and trying to learn as fast as possible. I’m in zip 91604 - Los Angeles

I’m wondering if I’m inputting the numbers correctly into the calculator. I think I might be screwing up the taxed /untaxed incentives for the bolt. Are they in the right spot? Is there any additional incentives that I’m missing?

MSRP 37495
dealer price 35109
6.4% off msrp
36 month
10k miles
53 residual
mf .00051
taxed incentives 10,250 (1500 loyalty +3000 costco + 5750)
non-taxable - 0
0 drive off check capitalize all payments
aquisition fee 695
dealer fee 85
govt fees 507.22
yes tax is levied on monthly payment
post sale rebates 0
base payment according to dealer is 228+21.72=250.40
bottom line 0 down, 0 drive off, 250/month -

It feels like I should be able to do better than 6.5% off msrp. Am I just miscalculating where the incentives go.

I read that there’s often restocking fee at the end of your lease if you don’t get a new one. Is that true?
Thanks so much for your help

@ElectricEliminator @zolt3c @Zenek I’ve been pouring through your posts ad they’ve been so helpful!

It’s called a disposition fee and true with almost all lease deals.

Your calculator looks pretty accurate. You should contact @chevysalesgirl or @ethanrs to check their inventory and deals. They’ll beat that deal.

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It looks correct to me. And you should be able to get more than 6.5% off too. Just shop it around.

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Second for @ethanrs if he has inventory he can probably write you something

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Most definitely @ethanrs

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Echoing others, Mellissa…plug in 10% off MSRP for starters, and see how that affects your payment. There is bound to be a dealer near you that will be AT LEAST 10% off if you try. Ethan (Carlsbad) will do even better than that, if you can wait until end of Nov, or Dec for inventory.

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I’ve been reading all the posts on here for the bolt and I’m going to price out the premier too.

I feel much better knowing I’m using the calculator correctly. I’ll definitely keep shopping around. Thanks so much for all the feedback.

@chevysalesgirl helped me figure out I’m also eligible for healthcare worker & supplier discount. Anyone know how much those incentives are or how they stack.

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Hey my wife is a registered nurse How did you go about the discount

I have 25 Bolts coming next week and will demolish this deal.

Shoot me a text or check my thread

Gm educator for healthcare frontline workers, or first responders?

I’ve upgraded to a premier, but I’m having problems making the calculator work with the dealer numbers. what am I doing wrong?

Calculator says 268+tax=294

dealer says price is 230.95+9.5% tax = 252.23
bottom line 0 down, 0 drive off, 252.23/month -
One pay 7725
New deal : Chevy Bolt Premier Drivers Confidence 2 and DC Fast Charge

MSRP 43955
dealer price 39362
10.4% off msrp
36 month
12k miles
50 residual
mf .00053
taxed incentives 11,550 (1500 loyalty +3000 costco + 5750 + 300 supplier)**
non-taxable - 0
0 drive off check capitalize all payments
(Not sure what’s an “inception fee” so I guessed in the calculator it included the drive off fees?)
Inception Fee 1493
-aquisition fee (695)
-dealer fee (85)
-govt fees (713?)
yes tax is levied on monthly payment
post sale rebates 0

(I’m a healthcare worker, but I don’t think that’s a discount anymore.)
@ElectricEliminator @ethanrs @derekoh1991 @chevysalesgirl @Jon @alphawave7
Is there any wiggle room in here that I’m missing?

Your taxable incentives seem to be off by $1k. It should be $10,550 based on what you listed. If you are in the SF Bay Area there is an additional $1400 incentive.

Also the inception fee — what’s that? Seems like just bogus fee. It’s not a field in the calculator.

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Did you select Chevrolet from the drop down menu at the top of the calculator? That customizes the settings in the calculator and will allow you to check a box to calculate one pay.

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@49er You’re right. The 5750 was a typo, but it should have been $6750 (I think) bc it’s a premier. But I think the 11,500 taxable holds.

Since I can’t get the monthly #s to add up, instead of checking the box, I’m just going off the dealers one pay.

Here is what I get in the calculator with your numbers: Calc

I haven’t been looking at 12k mile leases so I don’t know if your residual is correct at 50%.

I think Ethan’s posted deals probably beat this one. If you are in So Cal then that might be an option.

I have another Question - I have $1500 to spend at the start of the lease. Should I spend it on the govt fees, acquisition fees and dealer fees or the down payment. Are the risks of paying the fees taxes the same as the risks of paying toward the down payment (you don’t get it back if the car gets totaled?)

On the calc @49er, you and I are getting the same numbers … which are much higher than the dealers - weird.

And Yes, I’d love to get an ethan blockbuster deal, but his deals are going so quickly, I doubt I have much chance of being on here at the exact right time. I’m not in a rush, but I don’t want to miss out on the incentives that expire Nov 2.

12k residual should be 52%. 15k is 50%. “Inception fees” are just a blanket term for the fees virtually everyone pays at the beginning of the lease. Bank fee, DMV, dealer doc fee, etc). We’re you given this breakdown with “supplier” broken down as a separate rebate? The supplier discount should be baked into the dealer discount.

It makes no difference. Any fees you don’t pay get rolled into the cap cost anyway, so reducing the cap cost and then adding the fees in or just paying the fees will result in the same adjusted cap cost on the contract.

On these leases I would just roll it all into the payment if you aren’t going to do a One Pay since the interest rate is so low to begin with.

Short answer is yes, but the argument can be made that you would have to pay inceptions regardless next time you lease, and many people would say that paying interest on the inceptions is silly when you roll them into the payment. The Bolt is somewhat of an exception because the interest rate is very low, so it really doesn’t make much difference.

If you’re in SoCal, have you contacted @goto35march or read any of their posts? I believe the dealer they worked with has inventory as of last night and was beating this deal by a good amount.