Deal Check: 2021 Bolt Premium $7500 with $9k incentives

Chasing a good deal. Bouncing between Kia Niro EV and Chev Bolt EV.

Current offer for 2021 Chevy Bolt Premium calculator link

36mo/30k mi
43,880 MSRP
6,026 dealer discount (MD, but I live in NC)
$5000 & $1000 Chevy Lease Incentives
$3000 Costco
No others (no state, no conquest or supplier)

$250 govt fees ($56 title, $38.75 license, $140.25 EV fee, $15 Durham County fees)
NC 3% use tax on incentives and total payments

Trying to get One-Pay to Cancel Acquisition Waiver, but there is some discussion if Chevy will do this when MF goes negative before Acq Waiver applied.

I am a little bit friendly with someone in finance at a Chevy dealership here in Florida and I posed this question to him a few min ago and he said it is possible to do an acquisition fee waiver on a one pay.


They have any others?

There are many Bolts out there for the picking…the slightly harder ones to find are the 2020.

My local dealer isn’t able to match the 2021 offer. But he said he might be able to match it with a 2020. Seems as though I should be able to better on a 2020. They have a handful of 2020.

Gonna give my local dealer another shot, otherwise I guess I will go to MD.

That’s a good tip! So there’s still a potential benefit to doing a one-pay lease, even if the base MF is practically zero. Saves you $700+!


Apples to apples, the 2020 is about $250 cheaper this month. If you find a 2020 that has been sitting long enough though, with a motivated seller, You can sure try for a deeper discount than a 2021. Good luck, I am interested to see where you land! :slightly_smiling_face:

@michael I am not sure I understand how to save $700. I see maybe $100+ in the total cost. But the way Chevy seems to require the order of one-pay and Acquisiton Waiver, there is no $700 benefit. Am I missing something?

Lol a few of the places in our area still have the 2020s… one of them has like 10+… their tactics is to lure you in and sell you a 4000 warranty and 2500 dealer add on of theftpatrol and some kinda paint finish crap…

2020’s, especially the premiers, are hard to come by in so cal. The one shit hole dealership that has about 8 of them will not even draw up a one pay. I am sure they use these units to lure in people with crap credit. Easy to lease one of these at 10K-12K, and have someone think they got a deal. Frustrating.

Can you clarify this:
“Easy to lease one of these at 10K-12K, and have someone think they got a deal. Frustrating.”

The 2020’s on a onepay, in So Cal, assuming you could find one, would run about ~6K. The local dealership that has several in stock, will not deal on them, and will not do a one pay. My guess is because the car is so cheap to begin with, it is easy to lease one at 10K to someone who is uneducated on the pricing, or has poor credit to begin with. Your deal in NC is obviously different. I’m guessing that demand is not as strong in your neck of the woods.

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I’m just not 100% sure this is true though, my finance person said it was, but there does seem to be information from other sources which says this approach is not possible…

We need someone to successfully do this :slight_smile:

This has been discussed in another thread.

Yup…That is the other information I was thinking about.

The fact that the finance director I inquired with said that it could be done made me curious about what would happen if he tried😁. Probably wouldnt fly…

Can you PM me the dealer info to see if its the one I’m thinking about? Don’t want to waste my time.

I’m also in NC (near Charlotte). Were you able to close on the deal?

Here is the latest… I can’t get the numbers to work in calculator. I think they have NC taxes wrong.

Also, I add GM Employee discount, which I expeted to drop the “price” $2000, but it only appears to have dropped it $1200 from where I was. I have also moved to BLUE (+400) and to 12K.

Is this a 2020, or 2021? What is the MSRP on this vehicle?