Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


always forget to add that! sorry. 24m.


i am completely sold out of 2018 and 2019 Volts all trims now. If anything comes in during the month, i’ll be sure to post :smile:


I can verify that as I got one of her last Volts. Thanks Trish for an amazing deal!!!


:slightly_smiling_face::heart: you guys were rad haha. safe journeys :slight_smile:


I can confirm I’m waiting for Premier to get new Volts! :smiley:


Can Costco membership be extended from a family member to satisfy Costco rebate?


Costco is household transferable, yes. As long as licenses etc match.


deal no longer available.

Nissan Kicks - should I expect sub-$200, or am I dreaming? Tips appreciated

deal no longer available.


Ouch, what a difference a year makes.


Any 1LT deals? How about this? Stock Number: KJ196400


deal no longer available.


Can I do 18 or 20k per year? Also please give me $0 down/ drive off numbers

needs current non-gm lease, holiday, 7.75%, 36m
700 das
330 incl tax on 10k
340 incl tax on 12k
363 incl tax on 15k


I have non-gm lease. Also loyalty. What is holiday?


Why not text or email her? It sounds like you’re a serious buyer ready to make a deal so that would be quicker and save you time. Holiday = Costco holiday sales event


Sorry I already did. :joy:


in case anyone else wonders…

so let’s say traverse is 50% residual on 15k miles. $40,000 msrp.
so 20,000 is RV dollar amount.
if you need 18k, that’s 9,000 extra miles or $1800.
your new RV is $18,200 or 18200/40000 = 45 RV
when you do higher mileage, you prepay based on 20 cpm which is subtracted from residual dollar amount.


deal no longer available.


are there 1 pay options that work out better for 1LT and 3LT ?


onepay no matter what car will always be cheaper. i haven’t been posting many onepays lately since everyone is blowing their budget recently :smile: :christmas_tree: :santa: