Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


Dec spreadsheet works for me


are you looking at it on a cell?


@chevysalesgirl - I’m in Texas, so we unfortunately miss all of your great rates… my wife is a GM employee and we are costco members as well… Checking with the dealers here, we are told employee pricing trumps costco for a 2019 Bolt LT but are nowhere close to getting the discount you listed ($7640). we also have lease loyalty… would greatly appreciate if you could help us with the breakdown of the discount you listed…


2500 was rebate. the rest was dealer discount.


wow, thanks trish… 5140 dealer discount, if only the dealers in texas match anything closer…

i would have been taking 2 bolts if you did out of state :slight_smile:


trying to work on getting it so i can do out-of-state purchases, not leases. work in progress. nothing that’ll happen this year. womp.


deal no longer available.


update on Costco…

you DO get the cash card on 2019s that have employee pricing. This is only on the 2019 Equinox, Traverse, Colorado and select Silverado. all the other 2019s without employee, you still get the cash card.


I was on my phone originally then saw your message and checked on my computer and had the same result


:thinking::thinking::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: no idea.


is there a another link for the December sales? it’s not working for me too on multiple computers. thanks


Are you guys clicking on the right doc? Click on her picture, then click on her pic in that pop-up, then click on the link under her phone number.


Are corvettes and camaros still leasing bad?


Depends on your definition of “bad.”


Anything on Silverado leases or HD purchases?


So does that mean for 2019 Bolt/Volts pricing on your spreadsheet, we don’t get Costco cash card?


every 2019 gets the Costco cash card if you’re a member.
just not all 2019 vehicles qualify for the Chevrolet advertised employee pricing deals.


HD don’t have lease compatibility with GM. finance on 2019 I can discount.


Any lease numbers on the equinox premiere with convenience package 2 (would like surround vision)?


My vettes are 19s so there’s not a lot on them. 2018 Camaro v8s?