Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


deal no longer available.


This is the best i have seen on a V8 Camaro usually anything higher than a 1LT trim would not make for a good lease because of the high MF on the Camaro.


deal no longer available.


I know you’re in SoCal but your buyers really need to add some AWDs to the mix !


you get worse fuel economy in AWD vehicles, so most people don’t need it for the lack of terrain here. unless its necessary for mountains, dirt road homes, etc I can dealer trade for AWD. :slight_smile:


is that 24 month of 36 month lease?


24 month. updated


Is this Volt still available?


Silverado’s lease great
This is a joke
I leased a Denali for 500 w 500 down recently


A Silverado Denali? :thinking:


Hi Chevygirl,

Can you provide LT 1.5 Turbo lease numbers? Thank you.


deal no longer available.


I have several in stock. MSRP varies so it just depends what options wanted.


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deal no longer available


Would love to find a great deal in TX too!


Trish - You’re mixing 24’s and 36’s a lot. I’d consider listing term in your #'s.


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Why would you post a dealers website from New Hampshire in Trish’s thread. Create your own if you want to discuss them


sorry @ianeicher i’m trying to bury this east coast’s dudes wrong brand and wrong state posts with deals :rofl::sweat_smile: