Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


Can i get one of those deals? I am in NY.


i only work CA deals. sorry!


Ok. Thanks


Just did a deal with @chevysalesgirl. I promised I wouldn’t post it :rofl: but it was an easy experience and awesome price. Highly recommended!


hahaha. :zipper_mouth_face: everyone here loved that vehicle, too! good taste


what vehicle?


I wonder what kind of a “deal” you did with her so that she doesn’t want you to post it LOL


one of those late night back door drops :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I thought


i have been getting a ton of inquiries on 2018 Volts but I am still sold out forever on 2018. I’m running deals on my 2019s and I have a bunch hitting in the next week or two to inventory. Bolts I’m down to my last 2018 so I’m running deals on 2019s. I don’t have too many equinox’s left, and i’m pushing Traverse’s and literally any car (except the Corvette ZR1 and 19 High Country Silverado) on my lot i’ll discount it.

I have some time for quotes right now :smile:
text - 9097813640 is my inventory, please do not fill out any chat bubbles.


The remaining 2018 Bolt HB VIN: 1G1FX6S06J4140501 has driver confidence 2, but not driver confidence 1. Is that correct?


it’s a fully loaded premier. driver conf 1 is already part of the car on standard features.


Hi Trish!

Is the 2019 White Volt 5dr HB LT still available? I am a first time leaser. How would that change the numbers for onepay? Is the onepay including rebates?


I have 4 white volts in transit about to arrive as of now… I will be posting deal as they come. No current lease is $500 more on onepay or $15/monthly.


What are the traverse’s going for? Costco member with current and competitive lease?
Also waiting for deals on 2019 volt



Any deal on current RS traverse?


email me :smile:
i don’t post every car and trim. just a general deal on cheapest one available. i discount all of them.


FYI For those with Costco. In 2-4 weeks from the sale, you will receive and email and phone call for the Costco survey. Once that is completed, Costco will then mail you your cash card. This is typically a 4-8 week process.


Volts are starting to drop. :hugs:

both monthly and onepay needs current lease any brand, needs holiday promo or supplier, oc tax 7.75%.

2200 das
265 incl tax on 10k
276 incl tax on 12k
296 incl tax on 15k

10250 on 10k
10650 on 12k
11350 on 15k

no current lease +$15/month or $500 on onepay. LA tax few $ higher or ~200 on onepay. and and holiday promo not baked into numbers. you apply for everything after the fact, which i have no direct affiliation or control of awarding or denying funds/cards/rebates, etc.


2018 Chevy Volt Premiere Lease