Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


i had a family emergency and i’m going to colorado right now. i’ll be back friday through the weekend. i’ll try to respond when i can.


Hope all is well. Safe travels. I am sure hackrs will leave you be for a few days.


That sucks. Hope everything is okay.


i’m back & have time for quotes.




How are Camaros leasing right now!?


what options/ engine/ MSRP?


1SS. Options are up in the air, preferably manual and the upgraded sound system.

Cross shopping against the Charger/Challenger.


this is based on 42850 MSRP. the deal is strong with


That’s not bad. I definitely want to be in the 4s.

I have some 18s left over here. I can’t do the 19s any. Not a fan of the fascia.


yeah it’s totally a rebate deal since the supplier is big on that lease specifically.


deal no longer available.


Are incentives through the end of December or only until the end of November. Looking for AWD 1lt for 24 or 36 months 12k miles.


I’m looking at grabbing at LT 1LE. I was told the LTs are leasing better and residual is better.

Any truth to this!?


everything runs until end of november.


@chevysalesgirl , Any on 2019 prem Volt ?


i have white and satin steel coming in @ the end of the month


Hi @chevysalesgirl - do you have any 2019 Equinox LT’s around 28K MSRP coming in anytime soon? Thanks!


i have one 30k MSRP coming in, but most are 2.0L engine. I’d have to trade for the smaller engine.


So what was your numbers on the Volt and Bolt now?


deal no longer available.