Chevrolet Blazer EV... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

I guess ill ask the stupid question. Are people going to be buying these out at the end of lease if RV is 82-83% which is around 41k? would people buy it used if it wouldnt even qualify for the used tax credit?

What documents do I need for discounts?
Costco member number
Lease account number? Or something with address.
Same for conquest? I have 2 Nissan leases hope the will count for currently owned non GM auto.

Could I combine first responder with wife’s teacher discount?

For Costco you can generate the code or just give # to dealers to generate. Proof of lease is usually a contract from my previous experience, but they may accept some other proof. As far as I know you cannot stack 2 discounts like educator and first responder, AND I don’t believe you can stack those with supplier, so if you get a supplier code I don’t think you can also use one of the $500 ones too.

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Can anyone share the supplier code. I read somewhere it can be shared as friend and family. I would really appreciate it.

Trough That thing sucks.

Yea thats how I generated healthcare at least…definitely not the best platform lol

I signed up for Costco today, a dealer said I can sign up the day of delivery. Welp that’s not the case. I guess if I got the code from a friend they would check it?

Pretty sure 100% of LHers are not buying these at lease end.

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Costco I think you had to have been a member by a certain date but could be wrong. It can be shared within same household I think if spouse is member?

You had to be a Costco member before the promotion started in order to be able to generate an authorization code. Theres two loopholes to this: 1) Reactivate an old membership that lapsed or 2) Join at a warehouse that had their grand opening after the date the promotion started.

Nice! I did have an old membership 3-4 years ago, I’ll see if I can work that.

Do you know if I can stack my wife’s educator and my first responder?

Your membership date should go back to when you first opened it if that’s the case.

For those programs it’s one or the other, they don’t stack.

It worked! The operator asked his supervisor, and he said it would not work, but he was wrong.


I am trying to help my dealer to get me the best incentives. Can someone post the GM codes for the various incentives:
Someone posted that they got 4500 in incentives

What do you mean codes?

Is one pay for lyriq anywhere near comparable as the blazer EV RS AWD?

they are saying that maybe the lease conquest and recent lease is not stackable.

also they have jacked up mf to make money?

How can I get them to come down on mf and yet allow them to make some money

The LYRIQ is going to be more expensive (it’s a lot more car).

Check Marketplace for current offers, and Signed Deals for what people have been closing.

I don’t know how July programs compare to May and June, so take a closer look at that.

Find another dealer. Why do you care about them making money?

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