Chevrolet Blazer EV... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

Apologies if this is a redundant post

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV is available for preorder: The First-Ever Blazer EV: Electric SUV | Chevrolet. Good luck :+1:

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Is it me, or does the cockpit look tacky and busy…


No $7500 credit
Im Out Shark Tank GIF by ABC Network


Priced similar to Mach e

SS model about the reprice of awd lyriq

How is this $15k better than the bolt EUV?


As silly as it may sound, I think the map being displayed on the screen makes everything look busier.

But, yeah, the chrome trim for the air vents and the bazillion shapes near the glovebox are certainly… not the most tasteful.

The exterior is kind of crazy quilt, too, so at least the interior and exterior are similar, in that regard…

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You beat me to it - was about to comment the same. I have placed an order for this and the Lyriq :see_no_evil: I’m kinda worried they’ll both come out near each other haha

I really like the interior.

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Which trim did you order? Any blessings added?

Does the dealer you choose have to sell at MSRP? Or are they allowed to mark up?

Allowed to markup based on the terms

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I think they’re attempting a retro throwback, but I didn’t think a Blazer ever had aero/eyeball vents. Used to seeing them on a Mini Cooper, but the design is sleeker and actually works as a throwback to older models.

"What is the difference between Ultium and Ultifi?
Ultium is General Motors’ groundbreaking all-new battery platform that brings with it new power, new force, new flexibility and, of course, a new range of possibilities.

A major enabler of Blazer EV’s technologies will be Ultifi*, a new Linux-based software platform. Developed inhouse at GM, it separates the vehicle’s software from the hardware to enable rapid and frequent software updates. This will give drivers the opportunity to evolve their vehicles over time with new features, third-party integrations, and more frequent over-the-air software updates. This means the ownership experience of a vehicle like Blazer EV changes and updates capabilities over time. "

At least they seem open to outside development, unless it’s a ruse.

took a flyer on one. its weird that they don’t even let you attempt to select what model you might want.

I remember when they introduced OTA updates on the Bolt. In 4+ years, I got exactly 2 updates, and the first update was in order to prep the car to receive future updates, so it wasn’t really even an update. 2nd update (first “real” one) was some minor bug fix for Onstar or something. Lol

Not bad I threw $100 at it, but I’d rather get Silverado EV
Woud be cool if I got this for the wife, silverado for myself and my SS 1LE is of course a keeper.

The battery technology in the Bolt is over 6 years old at this point. The Blazer is based on GM’s new EV platform. More efficient, longer range, faster charging … not sure if that’s worth 15k.

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That’s the part that makes me feel like it’s a ruse… marketing, and not an ideal.

well it is an american car company

The interesting thing is they priced the highest trim level 1k below the current MSRP of a Tesla Y.

I chatted with several local dealers to ask about pricing vs msrp. No one was committal on no addendums at this point. Most just said they would probably have one due to low allocations. However they are waiting to see what the market is when they come out.

Is anyone canceling or making a new order after the “inflation reduction act”?

What do people think about this car?