Cadillac Lyriq EV Reservation & Ordering Discussion

Any confirmation on 2024 pricing with options? It’s pretty easy to add $15-20k options on a Cadillac in the past few years. The AWD base is listed as $64k. Anyone have an idea what this costs optioned out?

There are no options other than colors and wheels.

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No EV tax credit for Lyriq purchases. Classified as a car, so exceeds $55k threshold.

Ford and GM will lobby to get this changed.

That sucks
Almost 6k lbs vehicle.

Folks who ordered the Lyriq weren’t even expecting a tax credit back in Sept 2021 (Debut Edition) and May 18-19 2022 (RWD and AWD). I wasn’t. The $62K for a long-ish luxury SUV seemed like a great deal since Model Ys were $66K.

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I didn’t get allocated for a MY23 (was very close with my dealer). MY23 pricing released and it’s almost Ford Mach-E gross. Approx $8K increase for the same config as MY23.

I don’t think the Lyriq will be classified as an SUV either. Lacks ground clearance, approach + departure angles, etc.

I guess I’m not getting a Lyriq. I haven’t heard a peep from my dealer and was told I was allocation 1.

Models / MSRP
Tech $57,195
Luxury 1 $61,295
Sport 1 $61,795
Luxury 2 $65,595
Sport 2 $66,095
Luxury 3 $69,195
Sport 3 $69,695
+Destination $1,395

Additional Options:
Propulsion, Electric AWD $3,500
Charging Module 19.2kw $1,480
Nappa Leather PKG $3,990
Driver Assist PKG $2,400
Black Painted Roof $600
Crystal White $Tricoat $1,225
Emerald Lake Metallic $625
Nimbus Metallic $625
Stellar Black Metallic $625
Celestial Metallic $625
Radiant Red Tintcoat $1,225
Opulent Blue Metallic $625
Argent Silver Metallic $0

Panoramic Power Sunroof $1,600

Looks like an SUV to me.

And Ioniq 5 is an SUV?


Neither is the EV6. Even many owners agree and call it a hatchback or wagon.

Model Y and Mach-E are SUVs either. Too low ground clearance. I’ve always said the ID.4 was borderline but the closest to SUV hood and the IRS agrees with me :slight_smile:

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Lyriq is closer to being and SUV than any of the above.

The lyiric is an suv and the i5 is a large car and the ev6 is a wagon, and my kona is an suv, go figure
Click on specs

guess that’s another deposit i have to get refunded. these things are dropping like flies.

Ignore that site. IRS is using these rules:

(b) An automobile capable of off-highway operation, as indicated by the fact that it:


(i) Has 4-wheel drive; or

(ii) Is rated at more than 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight; and

(2) Has at least four of the following characteristics calculated when the automobile is at curb weight, on a level surface, with the front wheels parallel to the automobile’s longitudinal centerline, and the tires inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure -

(i) Approach angle of not less than 28 degrees.

(ii) Breakover angle of not less than 14 degrees.

(iii) Departure angle of not less than 20 degrees.

(iv) Running clearance of not less than 20 centimeters.

(v) Front and rear axle clearances of not less than 18 centimeters each.