Cadillac Lyriq EV... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

Starting around $60k we are looking at Tesla MY prices now.

So…my question is when GM changes their name to GE?


Where do I sign up? There is no way that this stays 60k at delivery. Same reason I have a cyber truck locked in at old pricing.

Looks really sharp! Nice overview here: 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Reveal | Cadillac's First All-Electric SUV | Price, Interior, Specs & More - YouTube

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Sice GM ran out of their ev tax credits, does this make leasing a good option?

Won’t know til the programs (MF, RV, etc) are published

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You’ll never get it at that price

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Uh, that’s a production model (well probably pre-production, but not the concept). So yeah, it’s gonna look like that. Not sure why you’re in denial.

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That’s what I said. :sweat_smile:

Of course.

GM did hedge its bets, however, noting that likely many people who placed orders on May 19 wouldn’t get their Lyriq until 2023

Posting here since pre-orders open in a couple of days. Honestly the Dual AWD version is a tremendous bargain and comes with 2 years EV-GO charging or home charger with installation credit.

Any word on what it costs to reserve?

Gas is expensive so I’m guessing people will be paying at least 10 years worth of gas above MSRP.


Hummer and Silverado ev were $100 so I would assume the same?

Which contradicts other articles stating ‘soon’ after ordering…wondering about production capacity and volume in the face of shortages.

Do we have list of dealers who will do msrp with no games?

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I got an order accepted with Pine Belt Cadillac in Toms River, NJ. Can share the salesman contact info, he can process orders remotely. No ADM or additional fees.

$64,999 2023 Lyriq AWD 20" Wheel, trailer prep, power liftgate, 11.5kw home charging, Satin Steel exterior and black interior, includes destination charge.

Color Options
Satin Steel N/C
Black & Blue +$600
White +$1200

Interior Options
Noire (dark)
Sky Grey

ETA: 1 year


Can you pm me the salesman? Deposit refundable I assume ? Thanks

Don’t orders open on the 19th, or you just did a pre order?

They took a deposit and gave me a sales order.

It could be they won’t actually submit it until tomorrow.

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