BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 5/8/2019

BMW 320i base price = $34,900

Chevy Cruze base price = $17,995

Seriously…where do people get the idea that our brand should be in the same payment range as these inferior vehicles that are half the price?!

Dreams are one thing but c’mon.


they see the unicorn deal pop up here and expect it to happen daily. “Hey, Billy Bob got one, why can’t I? I mean, I saw it on Leasehackr for God’s sake!”

You can’t get that deal though:

  • No Costco now
  • I’m guessing you’re not a recent College grad? (If you are, God help us)
  • MF has gone up
  • They gave him sales tax credits (only applies to Texas)

The fact you keep bringing that payment up even though we all know it’s extremely situational shows you don’t understand the numbers involved and the dealers will continue to laugh at you as the interest rates keep increasing.


If the vehicle is financed does it qualify for conquest?


Yes but must be financed with BMW FS. It’s a rebate so applied as cash down.

Hi Dave, I have a question, for service loaner 2018, can lease credit be applied or just loyalty?

As long as the miles are under 5k all factory credits can be applied.

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Sorry I wish I was more clear. For example if I’m finance an MB through MB- do I still qualify for conquest?

Thanks for info, dealership told me price posted on their website already included in the price posted on their website (since August), but the quotes they sent me only show $2k loyalty incentives. Is it true?

As long as you have another brand of vehicle registered to your name you qualify for conquest. It doesn’t have to be a lease or finance.

I’ll need more information like the model. Maybe email me a link?

I just emailed you. Did you get that car yesterday because it appears to be gone. But I can put together a great deal for you here as well. No games like you would get at Crevier.

Is it possible the loyalty rebate on the 19 M4 Coupe has dropped to 500 in the northeast for the October program?

Regions change programs often.

I am driving a 2017 Chevy Volt now, do I qualify for Conquest?

I sent you an email detailing a lease offer I received from a SoCal dealer on an i3 S REX. I look forward to your response.
Also this site, and these forums specifically, have been very informative for a lease newbie like myself. So, thanks everyone!

I am being told that USAA only works on the new cars and not the retired loaners with < 5k miles. Is this true?

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Any one have a OL code that will work in Ohio that they wont be using?

OL codes are tied to the person getting them. You can’t pass them around like a Playboy, unless you want them on your lease too.

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