BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 5/8/2019

Out of curiosity, what would the transfer cost be to San Francisco? I guess I could come down at that point.

Does bmw have conquest incentive for 320?

so on that give me a example of how much monthly and drive offs would be

That’s the BMW national promo listed on the website. It was a reply to Dave questioning RV. You don’t want that national deal.

haha okay thanks

When can I expect some good deals in NY/NJ

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Any news on the 2019 3 series?

2019 3-er: 4-bangers only until at least springtime. No more manual tranny. Lexus-like rear deck. So much for the purist ride.

From what ive read the 2019 3 series will be available in USA starting March.

But that interior is a great evolution, looks more modern than any of the others in the lineup. Most of these cars have similar asses these days. Aerodynamics just have to come into play and you fall into the same design. I predict it will be very popular to start, so there probably won’t be many discounts and rebates, but that means if you are cool with the 2018 model, there should be some heavy discounts on those. Though it would take a lot for me to take one though seriously considering it. I didn’t like the front end or interior of the current model when it debuted in 2011.

Does any leased vehicle qualify for conquest, or does it need to be from a competitive luxury brand? Thanks in advance! :pray:

I think this calls for some one pay deals, let’s do it! I’ve been looking in the north east

BMW purists would say meh to modern. I like real gauges and switches. Don’t like M5 “exhaust” sound piped in to simulate a radical engine.

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Not really. That would imply that something about deals got better. The MF went up, rebates went down = net worse (no matter if you one pay or not)

Right, I’ll wait till next month, BUT my OL gonna expire this month

Im in the same boat!
Mine says "$1,000 offer valid on eligible vehicles delivered and retailed 08/20/2018 through 10/31/2018. "

Don’t expect MF to get better next month. It’s been trending up for the better part of a year now. If anything, it will remain the same or get even worse.

Yes any non BMW in your name qualifies for Conquest.

That’s what I’ve been telling folks for the last three months. Everyone wants to wait until Nov-Dec but the rates are sure to be higher (which they now are) and MY18 inventory will be nil. Last month was a real sweet spot since they hadn’t bumped the MF yet and for anyone who thinks it’s too late, rates will continue to rise I’m sure.

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Maybe not. People will still buy…not everyone looks for the rock bottom cheapest deal. Rates are rising across the board…not just BMW. GM has rates over 5 and 6% on a couple model as an example.

Just check the treasury rates that are in the news. Expect borrowing to grow more expensive each month for all lenders.

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Your expectations are unrealistic. Look at the Cruze as you suggest.

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