BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 5/8/2019

Thanks for the clarification bro but no one uses magazines anymore.

Can any shed some light on if MSD are available in Ohio?

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Dave, sent you PM a couple of days ago, had a chance to look at it?

Hi, can anyone confirm if theres a current BMWFS lease pull ahead program going on? I live in NE region. thank you

there isn’t one currently unfortunately.
my dealer contacts tell me they don’t expect it in november either, but possibly in december.

Thanks for the intel

:+1: good luck with your search

Good evening -
Does the lease credit vary by market?
Dealer in MD was pretty insistent that X1 lease credit was only $500.
Not a huge difference, but I was surprised.
Thanks! Chris

PS. Perhaps this is the wrong place, but does anybody have a good reference for sales incentives? I hadn’t realized they can be such a big difference!

Just go to Bmw USA. Go to offers. Enter zip and pick lease.

Can you stack loyalty and conquest?

Bmw incentives are regional. East coast has weak SUV incentives while west coast has more $$$

@BMW_Dave and community. Curious for your input/scoring on these potential deal terms:

2018 330i xdrive wagon with 4k miles:

  • MSRP: $51,785
  • Selling Price: $45,000
  • Cap Reduction: $2,000 (rebate)
  • Money factor: .00182
  • Residual: 60%
  • Annual miles: 12k
  • Security/MSD’s: zero
  • Term: 36mos
  • Monthly base payment(pre-tax):$527.66

One or the other…choose the better of the 2.

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i would suggest that you try for a higher dealer discount before rebate(s). I just leased a loaner 330i xDrive Wagon, 48.5KMSRP w/ 3K miles for 438/month. 36/15K, .00182 and adjusted residual of 56.71%. Dealer discount was ~19% + 1K OL Code + 2K Lease cash.

appreciate the response!

is there any possible way to get an additional $500 through an OL code or other for my purchase this weekend?
I plan on ordering a new 2019 m40i - will get $1500 loyalty and $2000 APR from financing - but looking for $500 more.
I am USAA but tells me I’m not authorized (my dad was military).
Any other OL thats obtainable by Saturday?

Are you ordering or taking delivery this weekend?

Just ordering on saturday.

I believe the incentives/rebates are whatever are available at time of signing, not ordering.