BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 5/8/2019

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Updated!! 2020202

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Where is the chart? Apologies as I tried looking for the post that has it but couldn’t find it.

dont see chart?

No more charts. PM @BMW_Dave for link and info on lease chart can be gleaned from link.

Sorry for the confusion everyone. I can no longer post the grids publicly. I’ve switched over to a new format and the main thread is here:

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@BMW_Dave, do you want this thread closed?

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BMW posted on their social media about a “Summer On Sales Event” with a credit of up to $4,500 “on select models.” I assume this is all marketing and that programs aren’t about to get better next month as a result. (Though they could, not sure if they historically improve throughout the summer despite demand being higher.)

Those kinds of ads are usually referring to the lease credit and of course they would only make a mention of whichever model has the largest rebate.

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Uploading: 0AF1FD9B-3534-4EB6-A4FC-D1CAA899CFB9.jpeg… I was able to get a Corporate Sales Program cert from work.
Based on my research it should apply to loaner lease as well as long as mileage is under 5k. Can someone please confirm.
How much would the real discount be as it says up to $3375 for 3 series lease.
It does stack up conquest $1k and lease credit $750?

Doesn’t stack. Loyalty is usually better.

Here’s the general rule of thumb on fleet from Dave…

You will have to inquire with a CA to determine fleet price as it is not posted.

If this is an old post, not a good idea to close it and may be leave link to New post in end?

I asked Dave already. He requested it stay open. Will close should he change his mind.

Ah got it !
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Agree but don’t have loyalty

Sorry what does CA stands for in this case?

Edit: Client Advisor

CA stands for Client Advisor.

The Corp Sales Rebate on the 2019 330i is $2250. This is in addition to discount off MSRP and is NOT stackable with ANY other incentives.

Thanks Dave. In that case $2750 (conquest, grad,lease) + possibly CCA is a better option.
So what does up to $3375 means and what factors play into determining the amount? Is it up to each CA or same across the board?

CCA is not available with Corp Fleet anymore.