BMW Lease Assumption/Transfer Not available due to COVID-19 - NOW Resumed 4/20/20


I tried to initiate lease assumption process to transfer my 19 X3m40i.
I called BMWFS today and found out they stopped taking all new lease transfer application as of 3/24.
Its tentative till 4/13 and they will decide what to do after that date close to 4/13.
Thought I’d share this info with the community for those of you looking to take get out of/take over lease.

4/20/20 Update:
Just got off the phone with BMWFS
BMWFS is taking new lease assumption application as of today 4/20.
I hope this is a good new for lot of forum members and just wanted to share with yall!
Stay safe everyone!


Even FS doing their part to flatten the curve.

Good info. Thank you!

Could you explain how this would flatten the curve?

Furlough employees during Shelter orders. Makes sense don’t it?

Clearly they are still working. Probably suspended due to dmv closures and difficulty completing transactions. This isn’t Marriott

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You’ve been Bonvoy’d.


Ha have we ever @Electric

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Now they just need to do the same for the depreciation curve.

Impossible: It’s a German car.


That is the reason that I was told by BMWFS when I called

Don’t remind me I’m out of the job :sob:


Stay strong. We can make it through this!


Hospitality industry is a b*tch, especially in a tourist town and when you’re attached to a hotel…

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Have you been collecting that sweet unemployment check? Or has the state website crashed?

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Don’t worry Donny is coming thru with $1200 checks for you guys. We good…


This post is bound to piss off 3/4 of the BMW yard sale…Er…I mean private lease transfer section on this site


I’m ineligible. Minor working 30 hrs a week doesn’t qualify since I’m a dependent.

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Well at least you weren’t out on your own yet.

Amen, my dad’s contract’s up for renewal April 30th though but he’s been rehired for the last 15 years so we should be fine