BMW Lease Assumption/Transfer Not available due to COVID-19 - NOW Resumed 4/20/20

I’m guessing BMW is trying to avoid a possible flood of transfers due to financial difficulties?

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Probably short staffed and working on serving existing leases.

If in trouble, they would want the transfer to take place, no?

Also if you ask for a lease payment deferral, would that preclude you from a future lease transfer?

Not necessarily. The transferee could be in trouble tomorrow. Cheaper, easier and less manpower to just deal with the existing lessee.

If you take the defer and want to transfer out later, the deferred payments must be made before the transfer will complete.

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Speak for yourself. I’m out of a gig and out of the check receiving demo. But thanks to some planning and discipline I am still good😎

Still got time to beat that 3/31 goal I had for the next gig.



Wow I had no idea, I initiated my transfer on the 23rd. So happy I was able to get the deal worked out. It’s my commuter and since I’m not going into work it’s just dead money monthly.


You got very lucky.
I was only a couple days late

I spoke to BMW today and all lease assumptions are closed until at May 1st, 2020 and maybe longer due to the lease assumption staff working from home and some states requiring 3rd party verification and inspection. Unfortunately, most of the 3rd party inspection companies are not working due to COVID-19. Another factor is that local DMV’s are shut down and paperwork processing is halted in some states. There will be no public notification when BMW will allow lease assumptions.

If you’re trying to get out of your BMW lease - these are your only options.

The options available to you to fulfill the terms of your Lease include:

1.Payoff: Buy, Sell or Turn-in the vehicle for the contracted payoff amount.

2.Early Termination: Remaining Payments or Realized Value.

Option 1: Payoff

To expedite the release of your Certificate of Title or Lien Release, please send certified funds, which can be obtained from a bank and include cashier’s checks and money orders. Your Certificate of Title or Lien Release will be sent to the current billing address on file within five business days of receipt of certified funds or up to 15 business days after receipt for personal checks, depending on state law.
If your Certificate of Title is electronic, the process will vary based upon your state’s requirements; however, our lien will be released electronically within the same time frame.

Buy Option

The buy option may be satisfied by utilizing a refinance product or by remitting the full payoff by regular or certified check. You may refinance through BMW Financial Services.

Please note, you may be subject to state sales tax on your purchase.

Sell Option

You may sell the vehicle to a third party. Your account must be paid in full to satisfy your Lease. Please note, you and/or your buyer may be required to pay state sales tax on the purchase.

Turn-in Option

You may turn-in your vehicle as part of a new lease or purchase agreement. Your BMW Financial Services account must be paid off as part of the new lease or purchase. You will need to maintain your monthly lease payment and contractual responsibility. The account will remain open until the full payoff is received.

To move forward with this option, please log in to your My BMW account at to obtain your current payoff and instructions.

Option 2: Early Termination

Early Termination of your Lease requires you to make an Early Termination Payment. The Early Termination Payment can be calculated using two different methods, which are described as Option A and Option B. You may select either option as the calculation method to determine your Early

Termination Payment.

Your account must remain current throughout the Early Termination process, regardless of which option you select.

Option A: Remaining Payments.

If you select the Option A calculation method, you must pay any past due monthly payments, all remaining lease payments, outstanding fees, any end of lease charges and the disposition fee of $350.00, plus applicable sales tax, to satisfy the account. Additionally, you must return the vehicle to a BMW center.

Steps for completing the Option A Early Termination Process:

  • All remaining payments, outstanding fees posted but not paid and the disposition fee must be paid and must post to your account prior to the vehicle being returned;

  • The vehicle must be inspected prior returning the vehicle to an authorized BMW center.

  • The vehicle must be returned to an authorized BMW center;

  • A final bill comprised of any excess wear and excess mileage fees assessed during the
    inspection will be mailed to you via regular mail within two to four weeks after your vehicle is returned.

If you complete all of these items, your lease obligations will be completely fulfilled.

Option B: Realized Value.

If you select the Option B calculation method for your Early Termination Payment, you must pay any past due monthly payments, any official fees and taxes (if applicable in your state), the disposition
fee of $350.00, plus applicable sales tax, and the difference of the Adjusted Lease Balance (payoff amount) less the Realized Value (auction sale price or market price offered by BMW Financial Services and agreed upon by you, based upon historical auction results) of the vehicle to satisfy your account. Additionally, you must return your vehicle to an authorized BMW center.

Steps for completing the Option B Early Termination Process

  • The vehicle must be inspected by a third party inspection company to assess the condition of the vehicle prior to the return. Scheduling of this inspection could take up to 14 business days.
  • Approximately four to six business days after we receive the vehicle inspection report, we will send to you the estimated Realized Value by email. The

Early Termination Option

B documents will include a form you will fill out stating whether or not you agree to our estimate. If you agree with the estimated Realized Value, we will use that amount to determine your final liability. If you do not agree with the value, the vehicle will be sold at auction and the sale price of the vehicle will be used to determine your final liability. Further instructions will be provided in the Option B documents.

  • Payment for the difference between your Adjusted Lease Balance and the estimated Realized Value and the completed early termination agreement (included in the Option B documents) must be received by BMW Financial Services prior to the vehicle being returned.

Please refer to your Lease for more information on the Option A or Option B calculations and definitions.

Lease Transfer - Assumption is not allowed at this time.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the information.
It is very thorough.
Can you elaborate on option 3? Lease assumption is not allowed, how can it be transferred at this time?

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Lease assumptions/transfers are cancelled for the time being, so the options 1-2 are basically it. BMW Financial is allowing payment to be postponed for the months of April and May - but you are required to make those two payments before your lease maturity end date. That will save you two months of payments if needed. So you’ll have three payment due on your last month of your lease or you can pay them (spread them out) before your last payment due date of your lease contract.

Also, if you’re using Https:// Https:// - for a lease transfer or takeover or advertising - Call them and ask for free monthly membership or subscription since they can’t do any BMW lease transfers.

Hope that helps!

Just got off the phone with BMWFS

BMWFS is taking new lease assumption application as of today 4/20.
I hope this is a good new for lot of forum members and just wanted to share with yall!


Your title is kind of confusing. Makes it seem like transfers are still not available.

Title represents the original post when they put a hold on all lease assumption.

I guess it was how my screen didn’t go to the top of the thread. Picked up where I left off…My bad :slight_smile:

You should edit the title and first post with the update.

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So, this is different from the “Residual Value” stated in the contract (the price you’d pay if you kept the car after the lease expires)?

Interesting. Thought it was the difference between payoff and residual value, based on Section 31 of my contract.