2019 BMW 430iX Gran Coupe NJ - 267 p/mo (13 months 1100 miles per month) 1650 + Transfer DAS

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: BMW 430iX Drive Gran Coupe
Location: New Jersey

MSRP: 49xxx
Monthly payment (including tax): 267
Depending on when the transfer takes Place you will most likeley get up to 1 month for free
Current mileage: 10,700
Maturity mileage: 24,448
Effective miles per month: 1100
Maturity date: May 16, 2021

MSD due (if any): 0
Cash due (if any): 1650 + Transfer fee
Incentive for new lessee (if any):

Financial institution:
Transfer fee:
Out-of-state transfer allowed: Yes (instate preferred)

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:

Curb Rash on 3 rims (minor)
Other wise Interior and Exterior are perfect

Email: nybmwexpert@gmail.com



  • Driver Assitance Package
  • blind spot
  • pedestrian warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • frontal collision warning
  • city Colision mitigation
  • Speed limit information
  • Convinience Package
  • Apple Car play
  • Navigation
  • black Saphire Metallic Paint
  • heated steering and seats
  • Comfort acess Keyless entry
  • front and rear sensors ( rear camera )
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Do you have the window sticker?

No but options are posted



Thanks had no Idea, ol keep the post up if any interested parties want to assume the lease after 4/13/20 when they hopefully allow transfers again

To add I’m not driving the cars so mileage per month would increase

Sorry to break it to you but 2 of those four rims will result in a charge at lease return. Curbing longer than 4 inches is chargeable.

Yeah this works well to fix it before return


And I’m pretty sure the deal makes up for any damage cost that you would incur (100-200 dollars)

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Effective $404/mo plus $500 transfer fee, assuming you won’t be able to to transfer until May. Decent deal for someone who needs higher mileage lease.

Yeah if they open by April 14th effective would be around 370 p/mo + Transfer
Thinks it’s pretty good for 1100+ miles per month

Plus I’m sure they would allow an up to 6 month extension which would significantly reduce the effective

I always say: you fix it then I’ll assume the lease.

No worse feeling than taking a car then realizing you’re going to pay heavily upon return.

BMW anything longer than 4 inches they charge 400+ For starters

Have you returned a bmw ever?
That’s 100% not the case that they charge 400 minimum
Plus privateley it can get fixed for less than 200

Increase the DAS by 200 and I’ll gladly fix it before giving it

Yes two in the last 5 years, both had curbing. One on one tire the other on two. Both times it was identified in the pre-inspection. Like you mentioned I got it fixed by a rime place near me. Just saying…

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Yeah, no I totally get that, wasn’t replying to you. Was replying to the guy saying the minimum they charge is 400, on the bimmer post forums and most places it states that they can be fixed for under 200, I have gotten a quote from Prestige in Paramus and it was around 215 for all the rims

I would consider doing this with 0 cash due

I’m sure many would.

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Please close, will open when FS allows transfers
Thank you