2019 BMW M240i xDrive convertible - $459/mo after $2500 incentive SOLD


If administered by Safe-Guard, which it probably is, Wheel/Tire is transferable for a nominal fee.

It doesn’t have it so no worries on the transfer :slight_smile:

Bump - more incentive!

Still available? Copy of window sticker?

Still available. Don’t have the sticker because it was a loaner vehicle. What options are you looking for ?

BMW has halted all transfers per this post…

Looks like we’ll have to wait…keep me posted.

has bmw opened up lease transfers again?

I can give a call tomorrow and let you know

Transfers will not resume until DMVs re-open, or least the DMVs in the state where the car is located. Per BMWFS.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that when I called the DMV they were wondering why BMW would say they weren’t doing them and that they could still handle everything. Hopefully this Monday, fingers crossed!

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still interested, keep me posted with what you find out.

Spoke to Bmw today. Transfers back on. Pm me if still interested

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That’s big news if true since there are tons of folks here sitting on their hands with cars ready to be transferred.

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I wonder if there will be any transfer steals in the future. Hoping someone put $$ down on a g550 and can’t afford it and I can take over :slight_smile:

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No doubt an instagram flex.

I’ve wanted one forever :grimacing:

They are just so expensive…

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Flex do cost.

Does MB even do leases on the new g-wagon? Resid is so high I doubt it makes sense to lease one. But there are a lot of idiots out there.

Yes they do, standard MF 56% res for 36/10