Best Daily Driver Lease?

I currently have a 2017 Porsche Cayman 718 leased and I’m looking to get a great deal on a new 2018 daily commuter car that will also be not embarrassing to drive around with friends. I’ve had a civic, corolla and am turning in my Accord Hybrid and was looking at the TLX’s but wanted to get others opinions (as I’m not the most knowledgeable on cars).

I’ve spoken to a couple dealerships about the 2.6 Tech Package for the TLX where MSRP is about 38k and I’ve been given numbers around 450-475 for ONLY first months payment (everything else paid).

I know I can get better numbers then that, and I’ve only spoken over the phone with them, but any suggestions on some comparable cars to Acura’s TLX?

Are you looking for something with 4 doors? Do you have a monthly number you’re trying to hit? How many miles and how many months are you looking for? Anything else (e.g. AWD) that you care about? Any brands that are off limits?

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m looking probably 12k/36mo and YES absolutely something with four doors. The biggest care for me is something sporty and trendy as I’m a single guy in my late twenties and the Honda Accord Hybrid was definitely not something that made the ladies swoon. I have a Porsche as I mentioned above and can use that to swoon the ladies not, but I still want something fun and nice to drive around. I’m trying to be within the 300-500 price range if possible.

Not sure if it is still the best deal going, but the Mercedes e300 sounds like it would fit the bill. I would find a loaner car from a dealer and work some good numbers. If you do a search you will find out what people are getting numbers wise. Make sure you look around. Have to find a dealer that is willing to deal.

How do you go about finding a loaner car? Also, I assume that’s a car with <5k miles but is a “new” car correct? It will throw me for a loop in regards to what I can get for a loaner car but I’ll definitely post on here before I go through with it. I’ll be turning in my Honda the first week of December so I have a few weeks to find something.

Also, give me some ballpark numbers on an E300 good price for a lease… most people are saying 1% of MSRP so at 52k it would be 500/mo with nothing down would be a good ballpark number to reach?

MB E Class Loaners (they’re pretty picked through from what I’ve heard, so good luck on finding one): $342 Mercedes-Benz E300 4matic loaner

BMWs aren’t the leasing gem that they once were, but with $3,000 in holiday cash, you should still be able to get a decent deal on a 3 series. Target a 2017 model as dealerships will likely be more willing to deal. BMW should let you also stack fleet or USAA and recent grad or military if you qualify.

Probably not going to make the ladies swoon, but the Volvo S90 deals are insane and I think it’s a great car: 2018 Volvo S90 T6 AWD MOM

Maybe an Alfa Giulia - not sure if those leases have gotten any stronger or not: 2017 Alfa Giulia

Edit: there have been some good prices on Jag sedans lately too: JAGUAR XE 35T lease deal

Good luck and make sure to post back with whatever you end up getting.

No no, not that much. I’d think $300-$400 depending on the deal. It will have mileage on the car, but will still lease as a new car would. The loaner aspect allows you to get the car down up to 25% off of MSRP. This is what brings the payments down to that range. Where are you located? The best way is to go search a Mercedes dealers website. Go to preowned and select it to Mercedes and 2017. Usually a good majority of those cars are loaners.

Below is an example…

Oh ya and if you Mercedes go get a united credit card. If you are a united premium member you get a fleet cert for $2500 right now I think towards a Mercedes. You need to do something like this to get to that magic 25% off number.

Some dealerships will also call out loaners in their own section as well. From a local dealership:

If you need a car to make ladies swoon you’re dating the wrong kinds of ladies! Personally for something sporty that I like (who cares shat anyone else thinks, IM the one paying for it!) I’d look at the Alfa Guilia for around $400 to $425, GTI for $300 - $350 depending on trim, the new Honda Accord 2.0 whenever it’s out, and loaner 328 or 340i. Never really been a fan of Mercedes personally. Audi is pricier and gonna be at least $400+ for an A4. A5 is in the 500s somewhere. Also I don’t think Audi does loaner leases? You might be able to do an Infiniti sedan below $400 as well, they usually do pretty well on a lease.

What’s a good number for an Alfa? Never heard of this car until two people mentioned it here. Is it a good lease? Also I’m in Texas - Dallas to be exact.

If the kind of girls you’re interested in care so much about the car you drive, wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper just to hire pros?

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I didn’t really see it (but I only skimmed) to what exactly you wanted in the car, what is important to you.

When I think of a commuter, more focused on ride and milage but also some sense of fun. So I would throw out there a new Camry hybrid or BMW 2 series (no real clue how much it leases for) . Just possible ideas.

OP wants a dd panty dropper… don’t think the Camry Hybrid is going to do it for him. :grin:

Camry could still work; just get one of those Bumper Stickers that says "My other car is a PORSCHE"
that should get their heels over their head pretty quick…


Very valid point here. Only issue is you might get increased maintenance on yourself if you know what I’m saying…

But that body kit on the new Camry looks so nice! Just take off the badges and they might not know what it is. Worst case he could just start Bill Cosbying them…

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What is everyones thoughts on the Alfa Guilia? Never heard of it until today and have never drove it but it looks nice.

Unreliable beautiful girl that will stress you, but it’s still worth it…