🔥 Auto Ninjas SoCal March Mazda Deals! 5-7.5% off MSRP, Home Delivery Included most cities in CA!

Is autolease ninjas active? I placed a request on the website several days ago and no answer so far.

i was wondering the same they seem inactive

Jan 23 Update: Opening up Mazda Deals Again to the Community

  • 6-7% off Almost all Mazda Models & Trims (See Spreadsheet)
  • Included Delivery Anywhere in the State of CA
  • $599 Flat Broker Fee
  • Full list of available inventory for you guys to pick from!
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Sheet says monthly includes taxes, but the calculator link shows that same number for the pre-tax monthly. Which is correct?

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Wondering same thing @AutoNinjas . Sheet and calc sheet are different

Please refer to the calculator, input your tax rate and get the pre-tax and post tax number. It will specify within the link which is which.

Ello, is there much change in the programs for Feb in CA?

p much identical to Jan - they passed a smidge of lease cash to the CX-5 Prem/P+ from the looks of it, but thats about it.

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Do you numbers include MSD or can they be added?

Are CX-5s getting much off of MSRP in SoCal this month? Looking to lease (or finance) before the end of the month.

Yeah we’re going to do a bigger deal announcement by end of day tomorrow. It will likely be a combination of cars in SoCal from our dealer network and vehicles shipped in, as certain cars like CX-9s are super hot in CA (and thus close to MSRP), vs 10% off in other regions within our network. We’re working out bulk shipping and will advertise everything with home delivery included (regardless of it coming from a CA or out of state dealer)


Can you include some MX RF in auto in there pretty please? :slight_smile:

Opening this up for March Madness

  • Posted Discounts below are at buy rate (non marked up) money factor, and discounts can be used toward a finance too, if desired
  • Shipping (if needed) depending on zip code is priced into the discounts so we can serve both NorCal & SoCal
  • Promo Fee is $299 until 3/14 at 11:59PM - it will be $599 the rest of the month.

CX-9 Deals
TP - 7% off MSRP
GT - 7.25%
CE - 7.25%
SG - 7.25%

PF - 5% Off MSRP
CE - 5.25%
PR - 5.25%
PR+ - 5.75%
T - 6%

Pr - 5% off MSRP
Turbo Pr - 5.25%
Turbo Pr+ - 5.5%

Preferred Plus - 6% off MSRP
Premium Plus - 6.5%
Turbo - 6.5%
Turbo Prem Plus - 7%

Contact Info

  • Email: nathan@shopautoninjas.com
  • Name, Phone Number
  • Model & Trim of Interest
  • Registration Zip Code
  • Top 3 Colors
  • Cars in Household
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • Trade In or Lease Return Info (if applicable)

Do mazda 3 turbo hatches lease well?

Depends what you define as well.

Shoot us an inquiry

Any deals on MX?

What about the CX-90? I saw from AutoNinjas in another post that they can be reserved with a discount off invoice. Is it available for NorCal as well?

By the way, the Google Spreadsheet is not open, requires permission.

We can ship the CX-90 from our east coast dealer. Given the mark ups it may be worth it esp if there’s a high MSRP

But on the AutoNinjas website I can only find high deposits, not the $99 advertised one. Where can I place that deposit? Shall I reach out to you directly?

the promo expired 3/14

or are you talking about the deposit on a pre-order?